female pup pees in my bed

rosina_2010March 8, 2010

we got a minature jack russell 5month old and is house trained but has peed on our bed,she sleeps in a dog bed next to ours but past 2nights she peed like a puddle and it went through the cover, duvet and mattress. When we told her off she ran around the room barking at us and jumped on the bed again and peed she did this 3x throughout the night we let her out before going to bed and gets walked and let out reguarly throughout the day and night. Took her to the vets and has no problem just dont understand why shes behaving like this.

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I have several jack russells and am with a jack russell rescue as well. I have a couple of thoughts but need more info.

Is this something she has always done or has it just started?

Was she recently spayed?

Anything else change recently?

What are you doing to correct her?

Is she peeing when she is sleeping or when you are interacting with her? Does she seem to not know she did it?

If she is doing it when you are bending over her or "telling her off" it may be submissive urination, which you do not want to punish for or it will make it worse.

Are you taking her out to pee right before bed and getting up early to take her out? Some 5 month old dogs can really only hold it for 5 hours or so. Have you tried taking her out once a night at about 1 in the morning?

I'm also a bit concerned that she was barking at you when you tried to correct her. Does she think that she is dominant? Also, she should not have time to do that, cause as soon as you catch her, you need to stop her and carry her outside immediately.

Probably the best solution would be crate training. Take her out late at night before bed and make sure she pees. Crate her and let her out again at about 1 in the morning to pee, crate again and let her out at about 6 or 7am. You can then gradually lengthen the time you leave her in there after putting her to bed until you have her sleeping through the night. That will teach her to hold it through the night.

Also give lots of praise and treats when she pottys outside.

But if it is happening when she is sleeping, it's a different story.

If she is also having dominance issues with you, I can give you some strategies for that as well.


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