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My girl is 13 years old. She is a border collie/golden retriever mix (guess at best). She had ACL surgery in both her back legs. One was done approx 6 years ago and the other approx. 4 years ago. Anyone have a problem with arthritis settling in years after the surgery? I have started her on glucosamine from the pet store. I want to bring her to the vet but it sounds like they put them on some pretty serious meds? Thanks for any input. She can still jump up on the couch and climb stairs but sure is winded after a short walk.

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what supplement are you using? much of what you find at pet stores is pretty low dose stuff and doesn't always have everything needed. my senior dane girl (10 years old) has been on a cocktail of Flexicose (non-Rx, ordered online), Previcox (arthritis pain med, Rx) and Tramadol (pain Rx) for the past year. she has done well on it and only recently has started slowing down. just this morning, i talked to a vet about an hour away from me who does acupuncture and i am seriously considering giving it a try.

you might need to go to something stronger than what you are using. does she appear to be stiff, in pain? when you say 'winded', do you mean she is having difficulty breathing? this would be an issue separate from pain from arthritis.

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Sorry, not winded, just "please, let's go home" look in her eyes. Today, she picked up a toy and we did three throws before she was done. Thanks. I will look online for something as it is probably more affordable anyway. We are using a gluc/chondroitin mix (500mg for gluc and 400 for chon). Maybe a vet's visit is in order. She is definitely stiff but hard to say in pain. My experience with pets is they hardly show the pain, they just go on through it (ie. when the acl tear happened, after surgeries, etc.) as I wouldn't let my pet suffer through pain because I thought they could take it. Plus I try not to let her go up the stairs on her own as she has slipped in the past few months.

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Saint Josephs asprin for children, extra bedding and a warming bed in the cold - run the asprin by the vet first. Good luck

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sounds like she's just slowing down. i would highly recommend the flexicose. it's very affordable and VERY effective for joint issues in older dogs.

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