Reconciling white trim with cream cabinets?

MizLizzieFebruary 16, 2013

I brought home this week from the KD's a sample of Holiday's Nantucket finish. It is a very creamy color and I love it. It has just enough yellow undertone, I think, that it will look good with the Cambria Shirebrook I've chosen. But my kitchen windows, all the crown, and four doors will be white.

I see this combination all the time, but for some reason I'm afraid now it will bug me. Will I hate it? I went back thru the "favorite cabinets" I'd bookmarked on Houzz, and three of the pics had this combo, and I had not noticed. Until I noticed. And started obsessing . . . The house is very open concept with lots of traditional white millwork so I can't go all cream.

Any advice -- or pics! -- so very welcome.

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So long as the white is a warm white, I think it will work fine. And the fact that you saved kitchens like that without realizing it means that you like the look on some level. At least that's my theory.

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I hope that's right! I used to have the same issue with using yellow in a room with gold-toned hardwoods. Now half my house is papered or painted yellow.

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You like yellow with white trim in the rest of your house so think of cream and white as a more subtle version of the same scheme. I understand the second guessing. I obsessed over all the whites in our bathroom remodel. Now I see, the greater range of whites gives texture and interest to the space. Your cream and white will look great. Count yourself lucky you found a cabinet color you love. Looking forward to seeing your finished kitchen!

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I have creamy cabinets with white trim and I think it looks fine. My farmhouse sink is white which I think ties in to the white trim. Don't focus on one detail, like the trim color, but try to look at the room as a whole.

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Thank you, ladies, for your thoughtful insight. And marcy96, I love that look with the sink. You are right. It ties it up nicely.

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Wow! I have this problem and I didn't even know it until I read this post and then the responses made me feel better about it. What a gardenweb roller coaster. :)

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