Suggestions for an easily stressed dog

ladybugfruitMarch 5, 2010

So we have our house on the market and so far, we've been able to just work with the showing schedule and take the dogs( indoor dogs) to the park when there is a showing. However, tomorrow ( big day for showing) we have a showing that we will both be at work and are having the neighbor come and put the dogs in the backyard for the hour and then bring them back in when the people have left.

NOW, my sharpei gets stressed now when she is left outside any longer than she wants to be( when we are home and out of sight) and I have concerns about leaving her while we are both gone ( the ridgeback is fine and will prob just bask in the sun the whole time). I don't really have any other options that I can see ( the showing is a reschedule from earlier this week when we had to turn them away).

Here is my plan...go extra long on walk in the morning before work, hoping to get some extra energy out and then I thought I would get a couple of kongs for the dogs to work on as well. Now, I am going to trial run this today, but the thing is, she generally wont eat when stressed, so not even sure if the kong will distract.

Any other suggestions? Taking her to work is not an option either unfortunately. Thanks!!!


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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

Would the neighbor be willing to take both dogs on a walk during this time?

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She is still recovering from foot surgery, so unfortunately that would not be an option.

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Board them for the day - the house hunters will want to see the yard too and your dogs aren't safe left in the yard. What if they open the gate to tour the yard and your dogs get out? Better to have both dogs out of there entirely, unless you can crate or gate them in one room for the showing.

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Awesome suggestion cynthia! Don't know why I didn't think of that..well, they have never been boarded, so that may be part of it. My vet's office is also a doggy daycare though and thankfully they are able to accommodate my girls ( sharpei doesn't socialize well, despite all my attempts) and they get a special room all to themselves! Not to mention I won't be stressing about their safety, as we never leave them in the yard unattended. Thanks bunches. A great investment in safety and piece of mind!

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