What a difference a year makes (several pics)

rcnaylorApril 21, 2008

Last year just as the wisteria was ready to bloom - boom - we had a freezing spell with snow. The results were not pretty:

This year is a different story for the wisteria

Even when it starts dropping its petals and is past its prime, its makes for a nice pic this year

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Beautiful pictures.
Wisteria is not quite hardy here. Drats.


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Thanks Ron. And, if its any consolation, I can get a nice bloom out of mine about once every four years out of the last eight.

They're temperamental suckers in my book. But, when they're good, they're pretty good.

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Wisteria doesn't bloom as heavily here in z9b CA. There is an enourmous wisteria in my neighbor's yard that gives them a few measly blooms every year and even those are barely visible because the vine doesn't go completely decidious and the leaves hide the flowers.

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