Last-minute guide to preparing a turkey

kathleencaNovember 21, 2012

Yahoo Shine has clear & easy-to-understand clues to preparing a turkey. Issues include: washing, brining, deconstructing, heating the oven, stuffing, basting, testing for doneness, sitting after coming out, aluminum foil.

Here is a link that might be useful: 9 Truths About Turkey Roasting

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That should get a lot of controversy going. :)

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Controversy? No. Arguments? Plenty.

Food writers are not known to be able to practice terminological exactitude: tender, perfect, the best, the ultimate, juicy, ------ are all meaningless when it comes to cooking a turkey.

A turkey is a very complex combination of huge piece of meat with infinitely variable starting conditions. Adding widely varying personal tastes to the formula, it is not possible scientifically to have a best method for a perfect turkey.

Depending on your personal taste, if 165F is the perfect tenderness you desire, what is the least amount of overcooking possible when you put the turkey in a 450F oven for the heat to travel deep inside an ice cold bird will be the best compromise, not perfect, method achievable for you and your oven idiosyncrasies.

Thank goodness for liberal amount of gravy and cranberry sauce, they make any turkey very enjoyable, perfect, best, juicy and tender, regardless.

Happy Thanksgiving, all. Don't worry too much. Luckily today's turkey is very forgiving. You will have the best turkey your family has ever had.


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stopped basting when I heard Emeril say "If you're lookin' you're not cookin" and realizing how much heat was lost every time I opened the oven to baste the bird. Probably why It took my grandmother 5 hours to cook a bird that cooks for me in 3.

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