Elly_NJMarch 2, 2013

Can anyone tell me their experiences with tis product?

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I used it some years ago for a cat that was peeing on furniture, etc. She was a very stressed out cat. It didn't help our situation unfortunately. We had to resort to Valium.

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I used it years ago when my cat was having severe medical issues and we needed her to stay calm. I didn't notice any difference with it and feel it was a waste of money for me.

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I am answering my own question.

I've had the diffuser plugged in for a week, and my cat is no longer reactive and "twitchy." She is seeking and receiving attention. (Before this she sought attention by screeched and jumped away after a few strokes.)

She was not a happy cat, because she wanted attention but smacked it away. So I had to basically leave her alone. And I didn't like her. I could't love her. Now she is calmer, sweeter and attentive. I hope I can start loving her again.

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Good, glad it's helping your cat. I used the spray, not the diffuser, maybe having it constantly in the air helps?

I read once that with difficult cats, it's better to leave them wanting more affection when you stop, ie, pet a couple times, if cat is enjoying it, a couple more then stop while the cat is still happy with the attention. Not sure if that's any help, but either way, I hope you get to enjoy your cat more now.

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Thanks, Jomuir, but it's difficult to like a cat that is so switchable. I've done what you say, but sometimes she will come to me, lay on me, and I will absent-mindedly stroke her. And she shrieks and jumps when she's had enough.

Basically I just don't like her. If this makes her likeable, that'll be good.

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I tried Feliway (the collar, spray, and diffuser) when I got married and my cat didn't like his cats. It didn't help my cat at all (she is the agressor), but it did help our littlest one be less skittish. We especially noticed when we had a bunch of family over and she was in the midst of everyone letting people pet her. We had had her for almost 4 years, and my brother in law said he had never seen more than her backside as she ran away before that.

Summary: I think it probably helps minor anxiety issues, but I don't think it's effective for behavior problems.

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It helped my miserably nasty cat.

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