Am I expecting too much?

gmom74April 24, 2008

We already have the Canon S3 IS and the Digital Rebel. I wanted a point and shoot camera that is easy to carry, so we got the Canon A720. It was on sale and was the display model. We were told no one had taken it out of the store. The pictures are pretty bad. I thought just pointing to something and taking the picture is about all you had to do. There are settings like on the other cameras but even with using those, my pictures are not good. Maybe I expect too much out of a cheaper camera. What do you all think?

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I have a Canon S3 IS and also a Nikon Coolpix L14. The Canon does more, of course, but I find myself grabbing the little Nikon more often. It's tiny so I carry it around in my purse all the time. I love the pictures it takes and often think they are equal in quality to the Canon! Before the Nikon, I had the Canon A85 and loved that too. I would still be using it if it hadn't been stolen. If you aren't getting quality pictures from the little Canon you might want to have a local dealer look at it to see if there's a problem.

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Thanks, Solstice. We returned the camera today and they swapped it for a new one right out of the box. Brought it home and it is making great pictures. I think there was something wrong with the other one. We wanted a smaller camera to carry around and I hope this one will be our last for a while.

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