My dog will not eat or drink, throwing up bile. Help!

joe313March 26, 2008

Hi, I was hoping somebody could offer some advice with my situation. The story begins Sunday (3/23), my dog woke up in the middle of the night and began throwing up, about six times total.

The next day Monday (3/24) she vomited bile about another half dozen times during the day and had pretty bad diarrhea. She had one drink of water during the day, but would not eat any food.

On Tuesday (3/25), she would not eat or drink again in the morning, so I decided it was time to go the vet. This was her 2nd trip to the vet in 3 weeks as she just had her shots and wellness exam. At the vet she had an abdominal x-ray that revealed "no obvious obstructions at thie time, but there is an area of suspicious intestinal loops and the stomach wall was somewhat prominent." They gave her some IV fluids and sent us on our way with extra IV bags for me to do at home, Flagyl, special dog food, and a dewormer.

Today (3/26), she has shown no signs of improvement and just lays around, still not eating or drinking, but not vomiting. When I say not eating, I mean I have tried EVERYTHING. I am starting to get seriously worried, I am surely going to go back to the vet if her condition does not improve, but I was wondering if this sounds familiar to or if anybody on here can offer me some advice.

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Suggestion: second opinion- different vet.

They sent you home with IV's? That doesn't sound right.

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Yes, they showed me how to do it and gave me a couple bags of fluid so that I can keep her hydrated.

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Yes I agree . Take your dog to another Vet as soon as you can . Emerg if that's the only way you can get in. And also I cannot imagine why a Vet would give a dewormer to an already sick dog with out even knowing what the problem is. It's like " take 2 aspirin and go home"

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I also agree. Please find another Vet ASAP. I don't know the size of your dog, but it could be a serious problem. X-rays don't always show an obstruction. Good luck.

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No blood tests??!! Do not do a wait and see..........get to another vet. And don't give her the dewormer.
You have a seriously ill dog.

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She is a VERY sick dog and needs a vet ASAP, emergency if that is all that is available. I would suggest a vet that has an in-house lab, ultrasound, can do emergency surgery, and has 24/7 vet care. If your dog has had a foreign body obstruction since Sunday night, there is a very real risk that her intestines have perforated; they have at least undergone some degree of necrosis. Perforation and necrosis are both life-threatening emergencies. Even if she does not have an obstruction, whatever her problem is that she is flat out and not eating a thing is really really bad. She needs intense supportive care at least, if not surgery followed by intense supportive care. Good luck.

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How is your dog doing? I hope she's Ok. Give us an update if you can.

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I hope your pup is o.k...

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I also hope your dog is doing well.

It does sound like you need a second opinion A.S.A.P.

It sounds to me like it could be a pancreas issue.

When dealing with a dog and her multiple health problems, I learned quickly to set a time limit on things. I want to know a date or time when I should see improvement, not having this leaves to much to happen if things donÂt work.

I also discovered that if vet does not want to give you a date or time, then he/she probably does not know what is going on.


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Hey, My dog is having the same exact problem since sunday April 3rd. They took blood work and gave him all his shots & an exam the same day. They said they didn't find anything wrong. Could you tell me what the vet did for your dog? There is no point for me to go spend money that I don't have when they don't have a solution. Please update me!

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I bought my pitbull about three days ago and I have noticed that she is always in one spot and would not move from that place. At first I thought it was because she was shy, but reading about pitbulls, that is not there temperament. Since the day I brought her home I have noticed that she doesn't want to eat or drink water. I have tried to take her for a walk and she would not budge to move. I feel that I have to drag her and I end up picking her up. I have also notice that she is spitting out slimy saliva with foam. She constantly has her tail in between her legs. I thought she was scared or shy but someone please advice. If this behavior continues I am going to take her to the vet. Reading your information above, my boyfriend had a two dogs with the same problem described and we found out that the dogs had been poisoned. One of the dogs did get better, but the other got worse to the point that he could not even walk not even the medicine that was prescribed to the dog helped because unfortunately he died.

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I wish joe313 would give us a follow up. I hope his dog is ok now. My dog was just fine until two nights ago. Started throwing up. Quit eating, became Lethargic. Will not eat for 2 days now. Throwing up Yellow Bile. No vets on weekend here. Will take tomorrow, Monday. But would have liked to know Joe313 outcome.

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Let us know about your dog. It's always nice when people report back.

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It's been six years, people...I don't think there will be an update. Why do folks bring these old posts back up?

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zepx, to be really helpful, why don't you post your dog's outcome here? You took him to the vet today, so what was the outcome?

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very sadly,my german shepherd who is 1 year old also has the the same problem....i hv decided to take him to the vet by today.....i cant see him vomiting.....pls pray for my dog so that he gets well soon....i am really worried.I love him so much. i want him normal back...and joe i can understand ur situation as well.......ur dog will get well soon....dont worry

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