shih tzu is such a picky eater

boystownMarch 27, 2008

Is there a dog food that this shih tzu will eat? All of a sudden, my shih tzu refuses to eat dog food. He likes to eat the cat food of which I watch this very carefully. He has no health issues that I am aware of. He got this way when we rescued this little kitten. What do you feed you shih tzu if he is picky?

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Try Natural Balance, a higher protein dog food, maybe canned and a meat stick and remember not all dogs are food oriented. My Bull Mastiff mix has a horrible time eating, I mix a bit of hamburger in his food and then I have to practically sit over him while he eats...PS Not too much cat food for your pup, it does not have the right nutrients for dogs.

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Giving in to his pickiness only reinforces it. Pretty soon all he'll want is venison and potatoes, and I don't mean the doggie food version! Keep him away from the cat food somehow, and he'll eventually get hungry enough to eat his own food. Unless of course he really is sick- my Husky Aleksander got really picky before he died of gastric adenocarcinoma.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

What kind/brand of dogfood are you giving him?

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Can you put the kitty food up high where the kitty can get it but your dog can't?

I have a Tzu mix that looks/acts like a Tzu and he would eat everything in the world if he could. lol! My main problem is keeping him slim and trim. Every dog is different, eh?

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