Southern Plantation Gardens

penny_savApril 6, 2009

Saturday I drove up to Charleston SC to tour Magnolia Plantation Gardens.

Just a few shots of a southern spring, especially for you folks up north who might be shoveling some of that disgusting white stuff! So sorry.


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I am wiping drool off my chin as I type! LOL!! Gosh those are pretty, could not pick a favorite if I had to!

Linda J, who is watching the snow come down as I type!

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Wonderful photos Penny... I spent a day at Callaway Gardens and a day in the Piedmont Park/Buckhead area in Atlanta this past weekend for a similarly southern spring weekend. Can't beat it.

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mmmm, of my favorite places.

I fell in love with it last summer when I went. We only spent one night there, so I didnt get to make it to that particular place, but its truly beautiful.

Your shots are inspiring me to take vacation that I dont have the time or money for! haha

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Wow,how beautiful it is, thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos.

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*sigh* there's a cold wind blowin' today
penny, these are fantastic
(the leetle girl looks a tad familar lol)
the shady path is my favorite, love it

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Summerwine, I'm glad you like the shady path, I was thinking I needed to tweak the exposure a bit? It looks dark to me.
The statue is a replica of the Bird Girl Statue that appeared on the cover of Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil. I've never seen the original, she sits in a museum now, due to the volume of visitors tramping thru the graveyard looking for her! I'd rather see one I'm a garden, instead of one in a stuffy museum.

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and i was gonna ask if you could get a photo of that midnight bird girl, o dwell (i'd rather see her in a garden too)

if you can lighten the shadows in a photoedit program without overexposing the brighter areas, i say go ahead, otherwise i wouldn't change a thing because what caught my eye about this one was the perspective of the path, and of looking up thru the distant branches to that wonderful, bright chartreuse

lianne :o)

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Really beautiful, Penny! I especially like the 1st two where the promise of spring is coming!!! Where I am, not quite colorful but the willows light buds are coming out...

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very nice pic, if a little color correction is done on the pics, it will look even better

Here is a link that might be useful: Photo Retouching and Background Removal

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Those are gorgeous! JUST as they are!

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