Puppy Messing on Our Bed

firemanswifeMarch 4, 2010

I am at the end of my rope with this! We have adopted a 5 months old Daschound that has been abused. I know she has issues and we are trying to help her overcome them. We take her outside faithfully every half hour and if my bedroom door is open no matter if she has just come in she will run in and pee in our bed. This morning I took her outside she did her business came right in the house and pooped on my quilt. She had just pooped outside. So know I have to wash yet another quilt. There are three in my laundry room that now have to be washed. Even if she's allow in there for only a moment she will hop on the bed and pee.

How can I get her to stop this? I leave my bedroom door closed or I put up a child gate to keep her out so my room doesn't get cold but there has to be a way to get her to stop. I would love to take her to bed with me at night and cuddle with her before she has to go in her bed but when I have done that I end up so frustrated because I end up putting her in her bed and changing all the sheets and quilt on mine.


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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

Are you crating this dog? And make the crate small so she can't go without having to be in it. You need to treat her as new puppy and being housebroken for the very first time. Keep her in the kitchen or in a crate until she gets it. Treat her like a dog, not a child. Also are you walking her? On a regular schedule? She needs structure and routine. Dogs need to know what to expect. That means dinner at the same time, pottying at the same time and bed time at the same time. They will thrive on that kind of routine. I'm sure it is frustrating, but hang in there. She needs you.

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Thank you so much for the advice. I feel so guilty about putting her in her crate because the guy that had her paid a lot of money for her because she's a purebreed. She has this crazy under bite and when he took her to the vet the vet told him that if he breed her the under bite would carry on to that litter and they wouldn't be worth as much. I have no idea if this is true or not since I don't believe in breeding dogs but when he found that out he threw her in the crate and left her. When I took her in she was very underweight and had been beaten. He never let her out of the crate and when she messed he would beat her. When I got her she didn't know how to play outside of her crate. We have another daschound and he is so good with her and has taught her how to play and how to be outside of her crate.
I am guilty of treating her like a baby and I will be the first one to say it and it's because she's been abused and mistreated I love to hold her and talk to her. She just seems so fragile.
It's totally my fault that she's now spoiled rotten. :0)
Is there any other way to do this without putting her in her crate?
At night or when we are gone I have a dog run that I set up in the kitchen and they play in there. If I put her in it while I am home she sits and cries.

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Dogs tend to live in the here and now. Her past abuse probably bothers you more than it bothers her.. She needs to be treated like a dog, not an abused baby.

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

Yes, that's true. The worst thing you can do is feel sorry for her and try to make it up to her. Just try to make being in a crate a fun thing for her. Give her treats and toys when she is in there. And keep her in the kitchen when not in her crate. Little puppies cry when they are left alone at night, but they get over it. I know it's hard, but turn a deaf ear to her cries. If you put her on a strict routine of lots of exercise and walks, you will tire her out and she will be content to be in the crate or just hanging out with you. If your other dacshound is a well balanced dog, take them out together and he will show her the ropes. But most of all, don't baby her. This phase will pass and she will come around. Good luck!

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We adopted a 2 yr old Sheltie last year who wasn't potty trained. The owners had tried litter training her as they lived in an apt, maybe weren't supposed to have a dog. Anyway, it was a long road to potty training but she did learn. We had to use a crate a lot in the beginning, which I have never been a fan of, but she just didn't understand where/when to go.
Try the basics, as others have suggested. A regular daily schedule really helps the dogs know what happens at what time every day. Get her outside right away after eating/drinking, if she doesn't go, crate her then back outside. Pile on the praise when she goes outside, and don't get mad when she makes mistakes, she is learning, you are teaching.
As for her abusive history, try not to use it as an excuse to spoil her. She will forget it for the most part, esp. if her new life is predictable and nice. Our other Sheltie was turned loose in the woods for months, I often feel pangs for his fear of storms, etc, but if we let that be an excuse to baby him too much, I don't think he would grow out of it. Not suggesting being mean, but firm. We all need rules to live by, esp. pets.
We always keep our bedroom closed during the day. And we never let pets in our bed. Our first dog peed in the bed when she was a young pup, DH let her in the bed. That was the last night she spent in my bed. And she lived a long happy life with plenty of snuggling, just not in the bed, lol. Good luck, Dachsunds are real sweeties.

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My daughter has two long haired dachshunds, a black and tan mini male, and a piebald standard size female. The male Coal was about 4 months old when she bought him. We all worked to get him house broken. His signal to go out is he comes and sits in front of us and just looks at us, doesn't whine or bark. Sugarfoot, the female was 8 weeks old when we picked her up at the airport after she was shipped via air freight. Daughter bought her online from a breeder in Wisc. She is a scardey cat when my hubby gets angry about something, she cowers and will pee when we approach her. But she is getting better about it as she gets older. She is now about 5 months old now. The male is completely house broken and she is taking a little longer due to her skittishness. They are contained in a large crate when we leave the house but during the day they have the run of the house. All bedroom doors are kept closed and bathroom door is kept closed. But when daughter comes in from work late at night , she takes them into her bedroom and they sleep on the bed with her.. Both dogs are registered and microchipped so if they get out of the house some how, they can be returned if found.

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Seems that from being constantly crated, she has leared to pee in her sleeping spot. I would not allow access to the bed for now and work on teaching her to go potty outside on command. Say something like "go potty" or whatever commend you are going to use every time you take her out, then give treats and lots of praise when she does. Once you have that down, you can try taking her in the bed for a few minutes right after she has urinated and deficated outside and watch her carefully. If she starts to squat or sniff around, take her out immediately.

You can still crate train a dog that has been kept in a crate constantly. No reason to feel guilty about it. Just keep in mind she may not know not to go to the bathroom in there do to her previous life.

All in all, she is still a non-housetrained puppy so housetrain her and limit her exposure to situations that set her up for failure (like access to the bed). Housetrain her as you would an 8 week old pup. She will take some work but once she is reliably housetrained, you can always try the bed thing again.

And try not to get frustrated as she will feel it.

Thank you for rescuing the little girl!


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