SolusUmbraMarch 10, 2014

So we just moved to a new place, a small trailer and our landlord lives right next door. He has some roosters that he just lets run around and they are always coming over to our trailer (would not be a smart idea to plant a garden). But this isn't what gets me the most, its that the rooster never shuts up! All day and morning long. Can anyone think of a way I can cover up or drown out the noise?

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I'm not knowledgeable about roosters, but you might post over on the farm forum, link below.

Maybe in time you won't notice it any more.

Here is a link that might be useful: farm forum

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Are you on ok terms with the owner of the rooster? If you are go and discuss it with them.

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calliope does not have control over when roosters crow. It's just being a rooster. I have had flocks of fowl for decades and love to hear them getting vocal. Mostly it's the hens who do the noisemaking during the day, usually after they get done egging. The roos mostly before dawn, and for territorial reasons if there are competing roos in the same flock. My first question is do you know a rooster from a hen? I'm not trying to be rude. I live in the country, and through the years some of the long-time property owners have rented their houses out to city folk who inevitably complain about the chicken noises, the mule brays, the smell of manure on the fields, woodsmoke. It's part of what country life is about. It literally comes with the territory.

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Yes I do know a rooster from a hen, and territory problems could be it, I know of 4 roosters around this area. We just had 2 of them fighting in our yard the other morning. Every time one starts making noise they all follow. I have lived in the country most of my life and it is only the roosters I have a problem with but it doesn't help that I am a really light sleeper. Anything can get on your nerves when you don't get enough sleep.

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You need a good pair of ear plugs. My DS swears by the ones made of wax or silicone.

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A neighbor had a rooster at my last home and there was a stray in this neighborhood after we moved in. A neighbor adopted it and it never bother anyone, it was kind of fun.....but I would hate to have one next door that crowed all day. Also I would not ever live next door to my landlord....ever!!!

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solusumbra...........sounds like someobody needs to make noodles with the superfluous roo ;-)

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