my brave girl!

NinapearlMarch 13, 2013

swee' pea is getting up in age, she is closing in on 7 years old. she's a bit arthritic in her hips/knees and has recently become reluctant to step up into my van.

it didn't take long and she was going up and down the steps like a champ!! car rides are gonna be SO much easier now!!!

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What a NICE set of foldable steps. My DD has had to do this with both a ridgeback and a lab/beagle mix. The ridgeback from age, and the latter just from fear of climbing. Her steps were home carpentered, and although they worked, were a pain to transport. This is so important for the large dog to remain active, and also to give it enjoyment if it likes to ride and be with its master. Also a blessing for necessary transport. She is such a nice dog.

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What a great idea, and a special mom for providing it! :)

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you are so kind to your danes ninapearl!

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thanks for the kind words. :)

these are called "pet loader steps". they fold up and have a handle like a suitcase. they aren't terribly heavy and i can put them on the floorboard of the passenger seat so they don't take up any room in the back of the van. they were a little on the pricey side but i have tried a couple of different ramps and they just aren't stable enough for a 160# dog! my danes adore car rides, even if we're just going up the lane to get the mail so anything to make it easier for them!

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

Great steps you got there, Nina!! And Sweetpea looks like a pro at using them already. They are really nice. The place I used to take Murray to give him a bath had those leading up to the tubs. The tubs were waist high, so so much easier on the back and you didn't have to lift the dog.

Even though they may have been expensive, you know you will use them all the time, so it is a good investment. That is a lot of dog you've got there. LOL I wish you lots of car rides together for many years!!

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

Whoops, doubled post.

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Very cool! I improvised with an old square stool covered with carpet many years ago when I had an old dog with problems gretting into and out of my vehicle.

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