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glaserberlMarch 17, 2012

We have a friends lab for spring break. He is huge (about 120#), not house broken and not fixed. He is a hunting dog that is never allowed in the house and at his home has a yard and kennel. During the week is going with us to work. Both DH and I work for a landscaping company and he will be on a stake and cable to contain him.

He spend last night in his crate in the garage and is now in the yard. His owner says to just put him in the crate during the day so he doesn't destroy the yard but I feel he shouldn't be in there all the time. He gets along just fine with our Brittany but I don't feel comfortable leaving them unsupervised together. They both want to play all the time and if ours is inside they both stand on either side of the the back door and whine. How long is reasonable for him to be in the crate? I suppose I should put a chew toy or two in there? I guess I have to make a trip to Petco this morning because we have no mega size toys that he wouldn't destroy in a heart beat. (His head is the size of a soccer ball :) )

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I guess the first question is how long has the owner left him in the crate before? Are you just wanting to crate him while you run errands?
Do you feel comfortable having him in the house, under your supervision, or does the owner not want him in the house?

Like you, I wouldn't feel comfortable crating him all day if he's not used to being crated.

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he is used to being crated. He spend the night in his crate in the garage.
He is not coming into the house. We have 4 cats and I let him into the kitchen this morning and he discovered the cats. He was smitten by them but they don't want to play like he does. I'm afraid he would kill one just by landing on them. He is very bouncy for a 120# dog. I'm 5'3" and he can clear at least my shoulder jumping straight up.
The weather has been really nice for March in Iowa and he has been spending most of the day in the yard. I had to leave a couple times and he went into his crate without problem. Spot (our Brittany) and Bear have actually spend time together without constantly chasing each other. Yesterday they would just not stop and Spot looked like he was out in the rain, he got so much slobber on him.
It looks like it is going to work out OK. I got each of them a bone to chew on and they have been occupied with that for a while.

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With all due respect to you and the obviously great environment you provide for your pets, I have a problem with how you are treating the friends dog.

Hunting dogs are raised/treated differently from family pets in many ways. Bringing the dog inside and exposing it to cats/your dog can possible create future problems with his performance as a hunting dog. Bird dogs are trained specifically to focus on birds and a great deal of work goes into getting them to ignore other animals.

Does the crating all day seem harsh? May be, but the dog obviously has had no 'normal' training and many hunters feel the hunting ability of a dog is enhanced by long periods of inactivity. I've had a couple Lab mixes and they spend more time sleeping than being active.

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the dog was inside for maybe a minute or two and he is not coming inside again.
The owner is OK with him playing with our dog.
We have him for a week and I'm going to take good care of him but won't attempt to change anything regarding his training. He is 3 or 4 but behaves like a huge puppy.
He has just so much energy.... I don't even know if walks on a leash and I'm not going to find out. Don't relish the thought of being taken for a walk by him.

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Glad to hear things are working out and the weather is accommodating. The newness of another dog will wear off and the hard play between the two dogs will probably subside.

How hunting dogs are treated varies between owners. Some hunting dogs are kept in groups, some are isolated, and others are part of the family. Our hunting dogs lived inside with us.

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Things are calm. I I'm not in the kitchen where he can see me he mostly snoozes on the back step. If I'm in the kitchen he watches me, tail wagging hoping to come in or that I come out.
It is supposed to rain heavy the next couple days but he will be going to the shop with us during the day and it shouldn't be the a problem. Now if the neighbors would just stop jack-hammering their concrete pad we could all be out in the yard...

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I sure know a lot of hunting dogs that are also pets. Trust your instincts, your friends trusted you.

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Had to laugh when I saw this one....I thought you were having house guests (human) and were thinking of crating your dog.....I thought no crate the guests instead hahah !

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LOL! We had children over before that I would have liked to crate...
Bear did just fine after the first couple days. I told him he could come back anytime.

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