Track doors: passing fad or no?

PhronesisMarch 17, 2014

Those track doors that look like farm doors, do you think they are a passing fad or something that might be enduring? They are, basically, pocket doors without the pockets.

While they are abundant on, I know they aren't abundant in the real world. I like the look and they seem practical (i.e., opening a space on a semi-permanent basis with a door sticking into the space) but I also know that I can probably get sucked into trends. Thoughts?

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They may have a permanent place.

To my thinking they don't save as much space as a pocket door because they are still outside the wall and fully open they take up the same amount of space as a swinging door. (What they don't have is the swing space where you need the full depth of the door 90-degrees from the wall)

But, you can't really put furniture or art right on the wall where the barn door rests in it's open position.

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Annie Deighnaugh


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They may be trendy, but I do think they are practical in some situations.....and if it works for you who cares if it is trendy or not?

We have a formal LR and FR separated by a center hall, but no doors anywhere. When the kids hit middle school, we turned the LR into the FR/TV room, and the FR into the "computer room"...bringing the computer up from the basement so I could keep a closer eye on things.

Kids are grown and now we have two family rooms since DH and I often like to watch different tv shows. We had planned to put up " barn" doors so there wouldn't be dueling tv noise, but DH decided to wear headphones least for now. We really can't do swinging doors, so barn doors are the perfect solution and if DH ever decides he's tired of headphones we will install them.

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I think they currently have trend status but will be an enduring one. They are too expensive to change out quickly by most people which is good because they will never be a ubiquitous trend. They are part of the rustic/refined and industrial chic eclectic esthetic which will continue as it opposes but can blend with the strictly traditional style.

JMO and I like them.

Another thread on the subject with pics.

Here is a link that might be useful: barn doors

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On the upside, since they are not common in the real world, only the houzz followers will realize your doors were once a trend when the fad passes. ;-)

We have one of those stupid CA designs where the master vanity area is open to the MB. My husband used to get up at 5:30am to go to work. I told him we needed a pocket door that would run on a track along the bedroom wall. He told me there was no such thing. He put in ugly bi-fold doors. Now I know better.

Our dining room and kitchen are separated by an interior door. It looks stupid, too. We cannot remove it because the DR light shines into the eyes of people watching TV in the den when the door is not closed. I want to install a barn/track door there. He wants to wait until we remodel that area. My fear is that they will be difficult to locate for purchase then.

So I agree they are probably trendy. But it depends upon why you want one if they are worth it--just because they would look cool, or because they are the best solution to a problem.

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They are too useful to become totally obsolete, and easier to retrofit than a pocket door.

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Fad, not trend. Trend has the potential to become long-term classic, where as fad is a flash in the pan. JMHO and I am usually wrong. ;-)

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I have a setup like Gyrfalcon. In my house of slider door there are sliders where there shouldnâÂÂt be and no door where there should. We have gone back and forth over having a track door along the crazy large open vanity area. The problem is the lack of wall space to hang art since the back end and part of a side has those darn sliders to the outdoors. So, IâÂÂm thinking if I get a solid door for the track IâÂÂll hang art on that. Stupid idea!?

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Holly- Kay

I think they are trendy but I certainly hope they endure. The entry to our library is immediately off of our kitchen and breakfast area. We don't have enough space to put French doors in and a track door would be perfect. I don't want an industrial or rustic look so we haven't pursued installing them but a pretty classic door on a track would be lovely imo.

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They seem to be practical and you aren't going to find them in Home Goods any time soon. Highly stylized doors and hardware that are forced into a space won't endure but that applies to any decor choice.

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Thank you so much for your thoughts. Here's my situation. I'm finishing my basement which is attached to my garage (I live in Iowa where garages are frequently 'tucked under' the house).

The door from the garage will go into a hallway which will, to the right lead to a storage room and already existing stairway and on the left will be a family room.

I'm thinking that I might want the family room to have the option of being open instead of closed off, but I do want the option of having it be closed. Hence, the thought of a large track door (I'd have it be white and modern looking and able to have art on it).

(the bar in the picture is not going to be there ��" can't afford the plumbing ��" the closet is going to be in the family room and there'll be a long less deep closet on the right along the wall just entering the basement)

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Code will likely dictate a fire barrier door between the garage and living space. Carbon Monoxide danger as well as fire.

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Our home which has some barn door openings, and it was built 36 years ago. So no - not a fad, not a trend, totally practical, and I recommend them.

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jterrilynn, Art on the door is not a stupid idea, because that is what I planned to do in the dining room too! :) Of course, only if the piece and door ended up looking right together at the time. But yeah, that is what I envision.

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These doors seem to be very trendy now, but I think they have their purpose and will be around for awhile. At least in homes that were not built with pocket doors.
We have a pocket door in our half bath, by my insistence when in the building stages. I can't imagine having any other kind of door there and wish I'd have installed them many other places throughout the house. We are strongly thinking of adding a barn style door to the master bath instead of a swinging door. We have already added a screen barn style door at the turn of our hallway to keep the cats from our son and grandson's rooms.
That being said, with your set up (and the changes you noted) I personally wouldn't want a barn style door.

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Just my 2 cents, but in the right style of house I feel they'll prevail and won't be considered a fad. If something 'fits' a house, I think it can last forever , and look as though it belongs. Case in point, Allison's home comes to mind. If you've seen it, you know what I'm talking about.

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Where people have placed them simply because they are cool and "in," they'll eventually looked silly. But in homes where the location, architecture and decor support that choice, they will continue to be a wonderful and appropriate statement door. I'm thinking barn conversions, old (and new, I guess) farmhouses, in more casual areas of country estates, etc.

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All track doors aren't "barn doors". I don't think they are a trend. I agree with Pattycakes. I think it depends on the house and if they "fit", they could be timeless.

Thank you Sassafras for weighing in. Would love to see your home.

I've seen the track doors in several renovated lofts in the "old city" area in the city where I work. I've also seen them in some more industrial type decor in that area.


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I'm with you too Patty.
I think if done right, they can fit in any home though. The industrial look we're seeing in a variety of styles of homes right now, in my opinion, is the part that is more likely to be just a passing fad. Those that fit the bones of the home in the style of the door and how they were installed (with the hardware covered by a cornice that matches the woodwork in the home) could last as long as the house does.

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I have to disagree with the comment that track doors are just for certain styles of homes or it may look trendy down the road. Of course you would want to pick a door that jived with your house and decor. However, one could build a cover cove for a slider as well.

These are nice and modern and look like they should be there.

Love this idea of closing off a little area to hide a mess or personal stuff.

This isnâÂÂt a track door of the sort we are discussing but wouldnâÂÂt it be cool to have a sliding track book case?

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