luvtosharedivsApril 30, 2007

....the name of this flower.

(I can't do the reflection assignment - since the only bodies of water around here are mud puddles, so I'll stick to my "up close and personal" for the time being).


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Is it a type of Lily?


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No Eric,

It's not a lily. (Sure looks like one, doesn't it?)

Clue: It's only 12" tall, blooming right now in a garden area at the edge of some woods.


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"Trout Lily" aka "fawn lily" aka "dog's tooth violet" aka "adder's tongue."

It has a history of medicinal use by Native Americans.

Erythronium americanum (Liliaceae)


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Dog-gone-it, KT,
I can't get anything past you, can I?
I even made it so you couldn't cheat!
Do you have a degree in Horticulture?

Yes, it's a Dog Tooth Violet.
Erythronium 'Pagoda', to be exact.

(One of these days, I WILL stump you).

Julie (LOL)

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So is it a violaceae or a lileaceae ??????


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Actually, Eric,
If you count common names, yes it's a type of lily as Kt pointed out.

The reason I said it's not a lily, is because I was thinking in terms of "true lilies".

A true lily and a dog's tooth violet are both in the liliaceae family.

But the true lily belongs to the genus Lilium.
(For example, Tiger lilies, Easter lilies, martagon lilies, Regal lilies are all true lilies).

My Dog Tooth violet (common name) comes from the genus Erythronium. 'Pagoda' is a cultivar (a hybrid of two North American species). Therefore, it's not a TRUE lily.

Complicated, huh?

Bottom line is, Kt is right if you count common names.
On the other hand, I was correct in saying "It's not a lily" if you're talking about true lilies.

I had to dig deep into scientific terminology to answer the best I could. I hope that clears things up.


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