susan747March 26, 2008

Frontline and Advantage no longer work on my dogs for flea OR tick prevention, Kiltix did nothing, Advantix did nothing. diatomaceous earth doesn't work, nor does the borax. NOTHING was working on the fleas. Vectra 3D worked on the ticks, but not on fleas. CapStar only works if you give it once a day, so I tried Comfortis. A miracle! NO FLEAS! 30 minutes after they took the pills, everyone stopped scratching! Within 2 days, all the fleas were gone from the dogs, the dog yard, the dog kennels, everything! Finally - relief. I've had no bad side effects thus far - and I've just given them a second dose -according to my vet it actually works for about 6 not 4 weeks. Good thing, too - it's $86.00 per 6 doses. I have 8 dogs - do the math -- ouch!

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Comfortis is not labelled for killing or preventing ticks though, so if ticks are a problem and not just fleas you'll need something else to kill ticks. I have heard many many good reviews on Comfortis for flea control.

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Just learning about Comfortis, after looking for an alternative to the topicals which seem to have lost their punch. Anyone else on the forum use this and have good results? Thanks!

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I found the cheapest pricing for Comfortis and Heartgard Plus on the Forums under Dog Health & Prevention at I have been checking the other sites listed here, so far on all these reviews and posts, and all are more expensive then the sites listed at DogSTARspace for buying flea tick preventives, heartgard, and natural flea tick preventives and recipes to make your own natural flea tick preventives.

Also, the cheapest price for non toxic natural food grade DE to sprinkle on your yard, in your house and rub in the fur on your pets was on an article on DogSTARspace on the Forums under Dog Minor Health Issues & Prevention tips.

Too many articles to copy them all here for you. But for super helpful dog tips, I found DogSTARspace had listings of super cheap sites as best places to buy pet flea tick repellents and helpful articles. I have been buying from these sites for several years and saving money. And using more of the natural remedies too, hoping to eventually go all natural.

Hope that helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: DogSTARspace

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Comfortis is expensive in the USA but the manufacturer sells it to other countries that sell the exact thing for much less. I saw numerous articles about where to buy at I have been purchasing it from their recommendations for several years. Saving lots of money for the exact same thing. Only difference is packaging is for each country but still in english.

Countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand have better and cheaper healthcare and prices than the USA. They sell all pet preventatives and medicines for much less then you can buy in the USA. Shipping is $3-$5 and takes about 14 days to receive.

If you need to save money when buying Comfortis, Heartgard, Frontline, Advantage, Advantix, etc, then check out the helpful articles at on the Forums under Health and Tips to Maintain Your Dogs Health.

Hope this helps and saves you money. Let me know what you think.

Here is a link that might be useful: DogSTARspace

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