It really is a reflection

rcnaylorApril 27, 2007

Well, us out here in semi-arid country envy mightily those of you who actually have some water around to turn into such beuatiful photos as posted below. But, hey a reflection is a reflection. Here is mine. Any guesses? (Those who might remember from the first time it was posted are disqualified. ;) )

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Looks like a soft drink or ice tea?

Going by the colors.

Very interesting.


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I'm guessing 'mud puddle'? with outdoor reflections, gray sky-autumn colored trees...Whatever it is-has wonderful colors...

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I second the autumn colors, but I see a bit of what looks like a rim in the upper left-hand corner.

The water does not look still, if it is water.

Maybe it's a glass pane that's not smooth? I can't even think of the word I'm looking for.

I give up.


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Two things are going on there.

First, its a close up of a bird bath. And, as Juanital suggests, it is under a canopy of fall colors from an overhanging oak tree in the late afternoon fall sky.

But, what gives it the jitters, as only we specialize in out here, is a west texas wind that keeps even a bird bath from being calm. Shimmering birdbath reflecting golden hues of a an oak tree's fall finery.

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