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PekeFebruary 28, 2013

I bought a Ruvati RVH 8300 single bowl sink. I think the drain is about 4" from the back of the bowl in the center if it matters.

So how do I know what size faucet to get? How do I figure out which reach I need?

If I get a positive reveal on my granite, how far back will the faucet sit?

I will also have a beverage faucet. What reach will I need on it?

Thanks, Peke

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Where the drain is DOES matter. I know very well because after purchasing faucet (which was a wall mount), I had to make a second purchase for a spout that was a "custom length" and much shorter. My vanity is Godmorgen Ikea which is more shallow in depth than most. Don't know why I didn't think this was important enough to pay attention to.

When they installed the first spout, I couldn't wash my face because the spout was really "in my face" .

You need to have precise measurements for your vanity and sink and for your countertop and for your spout. Sometimes, the countertop people can fudge a little (I think) on the reveal to make the end of the faucet line up with the drain which is what you want (to avoid splashing for one thing).

I probably shouldn't be writing so much here since I'm definitely not an expert except I know this was VERY important at least for us.

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Forgot this was a post in the kitchen forum. My reply above was referring to a bathroom faucet but still probably some information that might apply. Good luck and keep us posted on what you learn outside the forum. I'll be tracking. Kitchen is next for us.

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Thanks, I will keep looking. I am just not sure how far back the faucets will be on the granite.


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