How far from counter edge should a cooktop go?

ontariomomFebruary 3, 2013


I just read in March's issue of Dwell magazine, that a top chef (Eric Ripert) left a generous 8 inches between the cooktop and counter top edge in his home kitchen so he could plate dishes as quickly as he does in his restaurant. The chef felt this space in between the counter edge and cooktop was practical.

While I was intrigued by this idea of the space in front of the cooktop, I do worry that the cooktop hobs in the back would be harder to reach. Has anyone pushed their cooktop back to allow prep room/plating in front of the cooktop? We are in final design stages and will have an induction cooktop on an island, so certainly the cooktop could be pushed back from the edge if Chef Ripert is on to a good idea. Any thoughts?


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Bad ergonomic habits developed in a restaurant have no business being translated into a home. In a restaurant, if you have a countertop charbroiler, it sits on a lowered equipment stand so that the cooking zone is viewable. A range won't have this extra "plating" space in front of it. It will have an adjacent stainless worktable as that's the only thing that can get close to those uninsulated fire monsters.

Unless you are willing to lower down the cooktop area to around 30" high so you can see what you're doing on it, this is a really BAD idea. If you did lower it, as is common in an ADA type kitchen, it would need to have space around it at that height to avoid it being a safety hazard. And that is NOT a comfortable prep height unless you are seated or kneading bread.

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I love the idea, but would never consider that for the same reasons GreenDesigns mentions. My cutout was 4" in, but that actually cooktop, because of the lip, is about 3.5".

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Okay, thanks GreenDesigns and houseful for letting me know the idea of pushing back the cooktop is not worth pursuing. Do others have their cooktop roughly 3.5 inches out from edge like houseful?


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My cooktop measures 21inches front to back. I have 2-1/2 inches in front and 2-1/2 inches in back of it. My counter top is 26 inches deep.

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Thanks badgergal for the measurement info.


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