My baby Pygmies & their diarrhea! HELP!!!

GoatMommyMarch 27, 2011

I have 2 4week old little billies. They got very hypoglycemic on me & very lethargic. I ended up having to tube feed them. Well now they are doing better all except for 1. I can't get rid of his diarrhea. I followed the feeding instructions that is on bout feeding them the gatorade & whole milk. That's when things went bad. I started getting the canned goats milk now but he still has diarrhea. The other doesn't. My little Oliver runs, plays, & eats grass tho. I have been putting molasses in their bottles & probably have been putting more than I should in there since their episodes. Should I stop putting the molasses in there? He is only eating 1-1 1/2oz every 5-6hrs. Oscar is his brother & he has not had diarrhea. Got hypoglycemic & lethargis, quit eating & all but no diarrhea. I tube fed him & now he is eating 5-6oz every 5-6hrs. I wish I could get these guys straightened out. I have tried Pepto every feeding & med from the vet for skours. It helped for a day or 2 but has went back to runny. Please HELP!!!!

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You need to go to a farm animal forum. Few if any here keep goats.

I will say giving cow milk is a sure-fire way to cause diarrhea.

How old are they? Are they weaned? Why did the go hypoglycemic on what they were eating? They may not be eating enough.

Have they been wormed? Vaccinated? Where are they being kept? (How large a space?) What is their sub-strata and bedding?

If he has had diarrhea for more than 2 days, he will need sub-q fluids, because he is probably dehydrated, so definitely call the vet for that. Babies die from diarrhea.

What does the vet say?

Good luck with your babies.

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Ditto what elly said. You need to get a farm vet out to your place or take the billy to the vet.

Taking in less that 2 oz over a 5 hr period sounds like starvation and in addition to diarrhea he's got to be dehydrated.

Post at the site below for advice from goat owners.

Here is a link that might be useful: goat forum

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Could you let us know how the baby is doing?

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