where'd my pics go?

lellieApril 16, 2007

I have a Canon PowerShot A95.

Never had any problems with it and download images on a daily basis.

I took quite a few shots this afternoon and when I went to download (upload?) them into my laptop, they were gone from the camera!

I've never experienced this before...what happened?

Thanks in advance.

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What type of memory(card) do you have?

Do you load directly using a cable or remove a memory card and load from there?


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I remove the memory card and plug it into the Scandisk Image Mate, which in turn plugs into the laptop.

This is too wierd.

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The memory card was blank? You didn't witness any transfering?

I have a question for all. Will magnets remove files?

Could you have placed your camera near a magnetic source.


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wish I knew but would be quite disappointed about losing them...I look forward to downloading them like a kid in a candy store...Hope someone can help so it doesn't happen again...someone on that 'puter forum maybe able to help, ...I would post question there, too...

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one possible reason:
you might have a corrupt file on the card and it isn't allowing for information to be stored correctly. Re-format the card in the camera.

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Don't recall being anywhere near a magnet.
How could the card be corrupted?
I'm not sure that's it either, as I've since taken more shots and they've remained.

Very interesting................................

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A file is possibly currupt, not the card.
The camera stores the files in folders for that day (my canon does at least). Maybe a file was currupt in that folder. I have a Canon PoS, I mean, P&S and it does this more than I care for. Not really a problem, just really annoying.

Did you remove the card, while the camera was on?

FYI, you can recover files from the drive, but the more pictures you take on that card, the harder it becomes to recover. It is writting over the previously stored information.

I still think you should reformat the card.

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I just MAY have removed the card with the camera on...not sure.
As I download the pics to my laptop, I delete them off the card, so basically, the card is empty.

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