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big_al_41April 7, 2007

Does anyone know of a website that I can upload my pic's to and then at a later date download back...without a lot of cost or trouble. More like an off site photo storage bank.

I have a lot of photos and i don't want to lose them all if I ever have a problem with my computor. I've tried Yahoo but you can't download more then one at a time which is a pain.


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zitro_joe has free service and paid services.

Their free services are great, I use them. They have different up-load options for file size and multiple file up-loads at the same time.

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but can you then if you choose download then back to your computor in one shot?? What I am looking for is a site that will allow me to store my photos and then if I want download them back to me if my computor crashes etc...will this site allow me to do that ??


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hmm, sure. Right click the photo and select "save as". Then select where you want to save at.

It sounds like your more of less are looking for a backup hard drive. You get those pretty cheap at the store these days, but the photbucket will work fine. Just make sure the up-load option are for the be near the original. Don't have it resized.

Here is a link that might be useful: external hard drive

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unlimited storage, no resizing and no login/upload requirement to maintain the account.

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I've never heard of either of these sites, what a lot of stuff they offer!

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