Dog UTI/Bladder Infection

Crystal52688March 29, 2012

I recently adopted my friend's 2 year old Newfoundland and moved her across the country (from CT to FL). We stayed in CT with the dog for 5 days so she could get used to my fiance and I before we made the road trip. For the first 5 days she only peed about once a day and my fiance had to walk her multiple times before she would go. She was used to being on a runner at her old house but when we tried to hook her up outside she would just cry and bark or just lay down.

Saturday night we drove from CT to VA where we got a motel. She refused to go at first at the motel too. Finally around 3pm Sunday she went at the motel. We stayed there until Monday morning, thinking she was now comfortable there and would hopefully use the bathroom before we left but wouldn't. Finally around 11am on Monday we drove the rest of the way to Florida getting in around 1230am Tuesday morning. When we arrived at our apartment (where we have our own fenced in yard) she still wouldn't go but we figured she just needed to get comfortable. Around 130am she pooped in the backyard and I started to think it was weird that now she was pooping and still not peeing. Tuesday when we woke up she still wouldn't pee so around 2pm I called the vet and they had me bring her in. They said her bladder was very full and she refused to go for them too so they gave her xrays - no kidney stones thank god - and ended up sedating her and gave her a catheter to remove the urine. They said the urine definitely had blood in it and gave me antibiotics (cefpodoxine) for the UTI and pain pills (Rimadyl). Wednesday morning I took her on a 45 minute walk and she still did not pee yet on her own so when the vet called to check on her they had me bring her in again at 4pm. When we got to the office they said her bladder was definitely still tender and full again so they were going to sedate her and cath her again. While we were waiting for them to finish with the other appointments we walked her around for another hour - still nothing. Finally they sedated her again and cathed her again. They said it seems like the infection is in the wall of her bladder, causing her bladder not to contract and her sphinctor not to open, so they gave me volume(diazepam) to relax her sphinctor and Bethanechol to make her bladder contract. She has taken two doses of the volume and bethanechol so far but still has not even attempted to pee. Has this ever happened to anyone? Could she be scared it will hurt to even try now? I'm worried we will have to bring her back to the vet tomorrow again to have them empty her bladder but I don't want her body to get used to not having to do this itself. Any suggestions?

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seems odd. I would definitely get an ultrasound of this dog's abdomen, or go someplace where they can send a little endoscope up the urethra to see what's going on... stones don't always show up on radiographs (urate stones are often invisible on radiographs). Seems sort of young for a mass, but bladder or urethral tumors are pretty common in older dogs (and can occur in younger ones, but far less often). Usually dogs with UTIs urinate MORE often than normal. Am concerned. See a specialist if possible. What area of Florida are you in?

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Could this be a neurogenic thing with UTI secodary to it?

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It's possible your dog has cystinuria since it's a common problem found in the breed. Read this for more info on treatments and also check the link below.

You dog needs more testing and I would ask your vet for a referral to an veterinary internist specialist.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cystinuria

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I am pretty sure cysteine stones are visible on a radiograph, so likely this dog did not have any, But if she did, they only tend to block in male urethras... a female Newfoundland has a huge urethra, and a giant stone would be needed to keep it from urinating... so again, I think that would have been easily seen on radiograph. Smaller stones would more likely cause typical signs of cystitis (in other words, excessive or increased frequency of urination, not inability to urinate). Still an odd case. Get some help soon.

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