Battery Charger - What does 'Back' and 'Front' mean?

subrosaApril 22, 2008

Have received a new digital camera - never had one before. The camera is signaling low battery. The recharger that came with the camera has the words, 'BACK' and 'FRONT' above the battery slots. What does this mean? Inside each battery slot there is a spring at one end and a flat metal piece on the other. I'm guessing the flat part of the battery should press against the spring.

I don't want to damage the batteries or charger so hope someone can set me straight. Thanks in advance.

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Are there any instructions in your camera user manual?

A charger marked "Back" and "Front" seems unusual to me. All my chargers are marked "+" and "-" matching the polarity markings on the battery. But WAIT. What kind of battery do you have? Is it a L-ion (Lithium ion) tpye perchance shaped to fit only your camera? Also known as a propertiary battery. Perhaps the part of the battery that faces forward as installed in the camera is called front, and the part facing to the back is labeled "Back". This is only a guess. It is best that you don't guess but look up the instructions in the camera manual or the charger manual. If these instructions are missing, you could contact your camera dealer to get this clarified. Another approach is to go on-line and search for the manufacturer's web site of your equipment.

Good chargers check for reversed polarity and will not supply current if it senses a reversed battery. However, this assumes that the battery to be charged is not totally dead but has enough charge that can be detected by the polarity sensing circuit.

Pushing current in the forward direction of a depleted NiCad cell will cause it to short and then it can never be charged again.

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Thanks for your detailed reply. I have instructions but they do not mention the battery charger. I have searched the internet with no success. It is a Vivitar ViviCam 6326. I will take the charger to the camera shop for their expertise just to be safe.
Thanks again.

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