Tract Light For Dark Corner?

ttoddMarch 31, 2012

New sofa time is rapidly approaching (come on May!) and I can see in my families eyes that they really want the sectional. I would love a sectional but essentially talked them out of it for one reason: Our LR is too small to place a light in the corner where the corner part of a sectional would have to go. And our LR is very dark w/o lights on in all 4 corners. We have a decorative chandelier put it really is for decorative purposes only and doesn't really help 'shed light' if you will, in any dark corner.

So I thought what about a simple tract light system instead of the chandie in addition to a table lamp on each end of the sofa and floor lamp in the 3rd corner? I would focus 1 or 2 of the tract lights directly into the dark corner.

Will a tract light be sufficient in lighting the dark corner that a sectional would go in? Does that sound like a viable option?

Thanks for your input - I want us all to be happy w/ our decision.

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Track lighting could work, but what about wall lamps that are plug-in, not hard-wired on the walls behind the sectional?

A much warmer lighting, and if you get swing-arm lamps, adjustable for where people are sitting, great for reading.

Check some out here:

wall lamps

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Les - thank you so much for the link! I was getting quite frustrated when I was looking for plug in sconces earlier. What are your thoughts on 'head bumps' into the shade if I would choose a swing arm? At what height do you think that I would place a mounted sconce? Same shade height as the table lamps?

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I like the wall sconce idea and you could also check out floor lamps that are sleek in design. If you're just wanting to light the corners and not have light for reading, then consider up-lights behind the sofa.

I would choose either of the mentioned ideas over track lighting for a corner.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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