Sil-Pat or Parchment?

jasdipNovember 17, 2011

I have a few silicone mats. One is a true Sil-Pat, the others are no name jobbies. I really hate that the silpat gets greasy when roasting veggies etc. Also I set my scalloped potatoes, apple cobblers etc on it, in case of boil-overs. Sure enough, the cobbler bubbled over, and the brown crusties don't come off the mat.

My red silicone mats I use for cookies only.

What's your preference?

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Parchment paper, no contest. I buy it from King Arthur cut to fit a sheet pan. It comes in a cardboard tube with a 100 sheets. Lasts a very long time. I buy a tube about once every few years. I know you can buy parchment cheaper but this is just so easy I don't really care & the quality of the paper is so much better than other brands. I think the foil folks (RW) are the ones that sell parchment in my grocery store & it's pretty hard to use, never cuts right & you still have to get out the scissors to fit a half-sheet pan.


Here is a link that might be useful: Parchment Paper Rolls

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I use both, but for different jobs. I use silpat for rolling out pie dough; I use parchment at the bottom of a cake pan. In addition to cookies, I use silpat for biscuits, scones, etc. For roasting vegetables, I use aluminum foil, which I also use under pie pans. I really do not use parchment that much, but that's because I do not bake as much as I used to.


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I'm going to add non-stick aluminum foil to the mix for roasted veggies, and especially roasted potatoes/french fries. It lets me use less oil. I try to use my silpats as much as possible over the parchment for environmental reasons, but I reach for all three. Like Tricia I have a supply of pre-cut paper from our local restaurant supply store (Smart & Final).

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Parchment, I use it for everything. I buy it from a food service company, 1000 full sheet pan sized sheets per box.
A half sheet works for just about everything.


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Quick, free shipping!

King Arthur parchment.


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beachlily z9a

Parchment here too, and yes, I did just place an order with King Arthur.

The silpats get used for rolling out pie dough and bread dough (for cinnamon rolls). Saves a lot of mess!

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I keep a silpat on a sheet pan....wash it and return to the pan. Mostly I use silpat....parchment for cakes and for doing the en papilliot thing and for certain cookies.
But I don't use anything under my roasted veggies or oven roasted potatoes.....maybe I need some of that non stick foil....
Linda C

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I use parchment for free-formed breads, pizzas, biscuits, & scones. Most of the time, I can re-use the parchment a couple of times before tossing it, and I order the pre-cut sheets from King Arthur Flour too. I use the non-stick foil for messy or greasy baking/roasting like potatoes, chicken wings, vegetables, etc. (When possible, I wipe down the used foil and recycle it.) I learned from JessyF a few years ago to use the Silpat for kneading and/or shaping breads & rolls. I make a lot of dinner rolls and sandwich buns and using the Silpat keeps me from adding too much flour and ending up with dry dough.

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-If it's baked on a cookie sheet, the sheet is covered with parchment paper. I bought a lifetime supply from a restaurant supply store and cut each sheet in half to use on my cookie sheets. I clamp a bunch of the sheets with a pants hanger (looks like two small boards that lock shut) and hang them on a hook on the inside of a door on my tall utility cabinet. I do the same thing with my silicon mats so they hang flat and take up very little space. I have a small collection of different brands now, and they all get used for something different - EXCEPT on a cookie sheet for baking cookies. I hate silicon mats for cookies. I don't think they bake as well as with parchment.

-Non-stick foil for veggies. Surprisingly, I've found LOTS of uses for non-stick foil.

-I use my Silpat for forming dough and cinnamon rolls - no bench flour necessary, the dough doesn't stick, and clean-up is a snap. Just make sure you oil your hands while handling the dough.

-I have a World Cuisine silicon mat which is thicker than a Silpat. I use it for dumping hot peanut brittle on. Once cool, the brittle peels right off.


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Surprisingly, I've found LOTS of uses for non-stick foil.

OK Grainlady, please start a new thread!

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Parchment. I've never owned a Silpat. I do love parchment.

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Parchment! I've got silicon sheets, maybe one is a real Sil-Pat? and the thing never feels completely clean. It always feel like there is a residue left on it. I don't even know where it is right now....


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I use both. I'll use parchment for cookies, granola, cakes, stuff like that. I love it when I make granola, cause I can roll it into a funnel and pour the granola into the container when it's cooled. I don't know that it saves that much on clean up, as I wash and re-use the parchment until it's completely worn out. I also at least rinse the cookie sheet. I started using the silpats and other silicone mats for roasting veggies, and that might have been a mistake, as they now are permanently impregnated with that roasted veggie smell. I've tried washing it out with all kinds of soaps and baking soda, to no effect, so they're strictly for savory foods.

Isn't all aluminum foil non-stick? That's been my experience.


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Non-stick aluminum foil has a coating applied to it (not Teflon) that is supposed to be safe for humans, but not for birds. I have not had a problem using regular foil, and so I will probably stick with that.

I am another who hangs his silpat on pants hangers! I then hang them on the rack above my peninsula, and this makes them easier to find.


Here is a link that might be useful: Danger to birds from non-stick foil

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Although I have a Silpat I find I use parchment paper more and more instead. I also will reuse it if it's not terribly dirty.

I think I learned on this forum some time ago that you may dust your Silpat with corn starch to help with that icky feeling. I also learned to store it rolled up in a paper towel cardboard. I put a piece of waxed paper on the Silpat and roll it up. So easy to keep handy that way.

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I use all three, but I try to use the silpat as much as possible, for environmental reasons. I use less and less foil, and I re-use clean foil when possible.

You can put the silpat in the dishwasher, you know. Comes out like new.

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Don't have silpat or even no-name liners, but LOVE parchment... recent convert. One of these posts has lit a fire under me to go to restaurant supply place not to far from me to check out sheets instead of roll.

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I bought a large (around 24x16", I think) at a restaurant supply store for less than half the price of a Silpat near that size. I don't use it in the oven, but love it for counter top use.


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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Last Christmas, Aldi's had no name brand "sil pats" for five dollars. I bought one, and have used it all year but only for rolling things out. It's large and makes a great surface for breads and pie crusts.

I don't like to bake on plastic things so use parchment for that and if it's not brown, will keep and reuse.

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