Cat Eye Problems

ozziepuppyMarch 8, 2010

My cat has eye problems. The vet has recommended L-Lysine and I give him 2 capsules, mixed with wet food, every day. This is supposed to prevent the virus from replicating or something like that. Eye drops and eye gels (antibacterial, from the vet) only seem to make it worse. Supposedly it is incurable. Every few days I put cotton pads soaked in warm water on the eyes (closed) to get the dried gunk off. The stuff that comes out of the eyes is sort of yellowish but it dries to a brownish-red. He is a great cat and I wish I could do more for him. If anyone has any suggestions, I would appreciate them. His eyes have been like this since I got him, but in the past several years it seems to have gotten worse.

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Perhaps a visit to an eye specialist? I volunteer at an animal shelter, and they've used one for at least a few cats with different eye problems in the past 4-5 years that I've been there.

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I think your cat should see an eye specialist - I am sure your vet could make the referral/appointment for you. We have been to the one in Toronto, Ontario so hopefully there is one located in your area. Our cat came down with primary glaucoma - very fast - and we got him to the vet's fast. Eyes are somewhat specialized (my husband has just been to heck and back with his) - so I would really suggest an expert's opinion. If you have other pets, they may not be able to have access to your cat when meds have been applied. You will need to ask for the best/worst case scenarios. Hope all goes well.

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How long have you been giving the cat its medicine? It takes a few days for the antibiotics to start showing an effect. If it has been a couple of days, then you do need to see someone, either your regular vet, or a specialist ASAP. There can be resistant eye infections and the current meds may not be enough.

The powder is to help boost the immune system and prevent another herpes outbreak. There have been mixed results.

If you have other cats, I would keep it away from them until recovered.

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Thanks for the suggestions. The vet has tried several different eye medications with him and none have worked. Yes, as I recall, she said it was feline herpes and incurable--she also said the antibiotics would only help any secondary infections, not the primary one. I believe our nearest specialist would be at K State but maybe there is someone closer. I will check on this. Next week is spring break and I can probably do it then. Thanks again.

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I would try to find an opthalmologist. The first general practice vet who saw my cat correctly diagnosed her eye issue, but prescribed two incorrect medications (one of which was ineffectual, the other which could have made it worse).

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If it is herpes, the l-lysine treats are a lot more fun to give than pills, with the bonus that all five of our cats can now sit on command, and two of them will beg on command. They are more expensive though. Entirely Pets has fast order turnaround, but the actual transit time is always 5+ days.

Here is a link that might be useful: l-lysine treats

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I have ordered from Entirely Pets before. Have tried the l-lysine products but my cat doesn't like them for some reason, unfortunately. I do recommend Entirely Pets also, though. I get Forti-Flora from them at 2/3's the price my vet charges.

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I am going to try to find a cat opthalmologist in this area also. I have a great vet but so far she has not been able to successfully treat this (although I understand that feline herpes is incurable).

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Sorry, I meant "ophthalmologist" ~ anyway, I found two that are a couple of hours away so will follow up on that.

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