Some old B&W's

greentfingerApril 25, 2011

Now that my age is advancing I have time to do things otherwise neglected. Here are a few photos I managed to take over the years, that is all but the first two. The second one was probably with an old Brownie or judging from format an Ansco or one of the old 6x9's. Years ago I did all of my developing and printing, contact & enlarging. When I no longer could reach the top of my Besseler I sold everything and went digital. Nothing to mix, no horrid smells, no lengthy cleanup and ease of manipulation, wonderful! However I miss all of the latter.

This one of me and My model A Ford was taken while going to Yosemite Park in 1950 with a Mercury split frame camera on Kodak plus X film. Some of my first attempts at photography. Developed & printed in the base hobby shop.

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I love old B&W's--thanks for sharing these! Photographing old documents the way you did with the marriage license is a good way to preserve them.

Boy, cars sure have changed! :-)

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Yes...same here, great pictures!

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Oh yeah!!! love b&w's too! Thought I would like to try all that, but don't think I would have time-surely do like the film pic, esp b&w's!!! TFS...:)

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