Any one have a Canon - PowerShot S100?

caflowerluverApril 28, 2012

The Canon PowerShot S100 has caught my eye. I am thinking of getting that as my new digital camera. I like the fact that it has a CMOS sensor for better low light and sharper photos. I am fine with 12MP because unless you are making poster size prints every time, you don't need much more. On the fence about the rechargeable lithium-ion NB-5L battery. I had that on my last camera and it would run out of charge at the most inconvenient times, so I always carried a backup. But I hear most current cameras go through AA's like crazy.

My last camera was a Nikon Coolpix 8800 that I bought in Dec. 2004. It was one of the highest mega pixels (8) at the time. I could really blow up photos with great detail and no noise. That came in handy for macro shots of flowers. And it was one of the first to have Image Stabilization.

It cost $1000 back then and don't really want to spend that much this time around. I finally realized that digital cameras, unlike 35mm or medium format, are not meant to last. They are disposal. It is almost impossible to find the lithium-ion battery for my old camera now and they are expensive. I have film cameras from the 1940's that are easier to buy film for than to get memory cards for my digital camera that is only 8 years old.

So what do you like and dislike about the Canon? I have read a ton of reviews till my head is spinning. I realize most of those are just people's opinions. But want to know, does it really produce great pictures? That is the reason I buy a camera.



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I have owned three Canon digital cameras in the past 10 years and have always enjoyed trouble-free photography. Nowadays, it comes down to getting the feature set that is right for you. All the major manufacturers make great gear, it's just a matter of finding which one matches your needs in the price range you have in mind. I agree that reviews are good, but it's just one persons opinion. However, if 19 out of 20 people have a common complaint, then that's something to consider.

Regarding battery life, there are a few things you can do to extend the life. In most cases, common sense applies. If you use the flash a lot or leave the LCD viewer on much of the time, your batteries take a hit. A USB connection between your computer and camera may also draw energy from your battery, so consider getting a card reader. If you get a backup battery, spend a little more and get the factory version instead of a cheaper, third-party choice. I tried that a few years ago and spent $20 to get one that was DOA. The seller also refused to refund my money. From then on, I always bought the same battery that Canon sold with the camera.

Good luck with your new camera!

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Rick - thanks for the suggestions. I do use a card reader. I didn't know that about third party batteries, good to know. There are way too many digital cameras out there and so hard to tell the difference between models. Why is one $300 more than another that seems almost to be identical. That is why I am still doing research.

I did buy a Canon PowerShot ELPH-100 instead because of a great deal at Costco, but it is going back. I need more than 4X zoom. I got use to a 10X and it is hard to go back to less. I would have kept the camera if it had more zoom. It was a nice little camera that took good pictures.

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When picking out a new camera, consider the little details that are easily overlooked. For example, how important is it to mount your camera on a tripod? Not all consumer-grade cameras include a tripod socket. What about viewfinders? In the store, the LCD viewer on the back of the camera looks great, but outdoors in bright sun, the image may be barely visible.

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