Another update on the kitty I got last fall

gibby2015March 23, 2014

She is doing really well. My last challenge after all the parasites and litter box problems was dealing with the scratching - both the humans and the furniture. She has done remarkably well with no longer scratching the furniture. This is the most amazingly trainable cat I've ever had. She is very responsive to my "good kitty" voice along with petting her when she does the right thing. She seems to really want to be a good kitty and doesn't like to be in trouble.

She's now scratching on two scratching posts and two of those cardboard things. I also have a great big cat tree and she tears across the floor and up the side of that thing like a real tree.

I'm still a little challenged with clipping the claws. I really need to make a point of doing it when she's asleep because I can do pretty well before she realizes what's going on. She rarely sleeps during the day though unlike my older cats so I need to seize the moment when she does.

She will be a year old next month and is still full of energy. We haven't had a cat this young in a very long time and she is so fun and very sweet. Here's a picture of her helping me with my work one day.

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Great looking cat you have, i'm glad the training went well.
most people don't realize how easy it is to train a cat to a post- some are more work then others, so they declaw and the poor cat gets dumped at the local shelter for all the problems declawing creates/ biting house soiling, walking balance problems/ect and often will have to be put down.

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

Gibby, she is so beautiful and it's wonderful how far you have come with her. Thanks for the update.

As for trimming her claws, I got a Quick Muzzle from Four Flags for Rocket. Trimming his claws was a struggle with his biting and scratching me. This muzzle is also a blindfold. It velcros easily. I slip it on, clip his claws in less than two minutes and release him and we are done. I highly recommend it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Four Flags Quick Muzzle

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Don't want to start a riot but I have to say I've had six declawed cats and none had any of the problems mentioned above. Some I had declawed (gasp), one was an emaciated, nearly dead stray I took in and some I adopted from shelters already declawed. I sought them out because I knew they would have a safe indoor only home unlike wherever they came from. They were all wonderful cats free of any behavioral problems. The only cat I've ever had that had any problems such as those described is the kitty I have now who has her claws.

In any case, I'm now all in favor of not declawing a cat if I can find a way to avoid destruction of the home and the humans. Fortunately in this case it's working out very well.

Wow - I'm not sure I can do that muzzle thing (in spite of being one of those horrible people who declawed a cat). That would keep her from biting me though. I think I'll keep trying to get to her when she's asleep and try more of the "good kitty" routine and maybe some treats to reward her when she cooperates.

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

The muzzle works for me because it's very fast with no trauma. The blindfold part of it is what does the trick. Just like when cats wear clothes and refuse to move, this works the same way.

But I hope you can work out a way that makes you both happy!

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Thanks for the update. I think of you and her often and it's great to hear everything has worked out so well. As she gets older I think you'll find you won't need to continue the nail trimming.

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I don't think your horrible for declawing many people do it out of ignorence or lazyness... others its forced upon them. like people who rent- the answer to that issue is to give the cat a better home.

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What a beautiful kitty!

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Thanks for keeping us updated,she really is a beautiful kitty. I'm happy for both of you..

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gibby - what a great update. I hope that cutie Tucker is also doing well.

I adopted a declawed Burmese cat 6 years ago and she has been the sweetest thing - no problems at all from the declawing. I certainly wouldn't advocate declawing, for many of the reasons already mentioned, but a cat is not a throw-away just because they are declawed.

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Tucker is great - he loves his new pal!

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I was shocked at how easy it was to cut Dougie's nails once I sat him in my lap and had Tom shoveling treats down his throat! It is a two person operation, and the treats must be constant, but he doesn't mind at all now- I used to have to lay on him when he was asleep and do a few nails at a time.

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Okay - I may have to try that approach. DH doesn't like having to hold any cat down for anything but if all he has to do is shovel the treats into her mouth he might go for that.

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