Gray lamp shades, turn yellow when lit?? help?

mom2sethcMarch 20, 2014


I just bought new lamps that have gray silk shades. When the lamps are off, the shades are gray, when the lamps are on, they turn yellow!!
What kind of bulb can I use so that the shades appear gray when lit? Is there any hope?
The lamp specs call for a candelabra 60 watt bullb.
Any suggestions?


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Try a blue bulb.

60 watt candelabra bulb?? Only means you shouldn't go higher than that wattage, but you can go lower.

You can also try a Sylvania "Day light bulb" and see if that helps. Something like these:

Here is a link that might be useful: full spectrum bulbs

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Do the bulbs show or can you use something other than a candelabra bulb? Both compact fluorescents and LEDs can be found with less yellow and more blue in the light color, and I know that there are CFLs with a bulb-shaped outer covering. I'd also check the color of the liner on your shades if it isn't the same fabric as the outside. If it has any yellow to it, there will always be some yellow tone to the light coming through the shades.

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The bulbs do not show, we did try a CFL and it still appeared yellow. We also tried a clear glass bulb and a regular incand bulb, same yellow hue.
The inside of the shades are white.
I'l check out the bulbs Tibbrix suggested.
I can live with the yellow hue as my walls are yellow, so they work with the room, however I would prefer to have them look gray!


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That tends to happen unless your shades are lined with a material that blocks the light from showing through. Unfortunately, that sort of shade means that the only light throw is above and below the shade which may not be enough illumination in your room.

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Fun2BHere - yes, I agree, I'm not sure that the lamps give us enough light. What type of shade should I look for that would illuminate better? White shades?
We have 2 of these lamps on a sofa table behind our loveseat, we'll also be hanging a chandelier in the room.
But I do plan to read by these lamps.


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