Pet can lids?

TerrapotsFebruary 25, 2010

Has anyone been able to find pet can lids for small cans of cat food? Hopefully free. It used to be the pet food companies often had promotions with lids in some of their food can packages but haven't seen this for a long time. Right now I fashion foil around the can or put the can into a plastic food container but I'm not happy with this.

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You might try asking at your vet's office. Each time we go in for our dog's annual checkup, we get a bag of freebees, including a few pet can lids. Of course ours are for dog food cans.

You can also try looking online. I found this link via google at Petco. Maybe these would work for you, supposed to fit "small Fancy Feast" cans.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

Cindy, thanks for the Link. I think those would work fine. I read some of the reviews and the first one was written by "Rocket". That is my cat's name. So that's what he does when I'm not home - wracking up time on my computer!!! :)

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I've used out vet for years and have NEVER received any goodie bags. Their paper bags are used for their expensive RXs. But I'll ask, maybe that will give them ideas. I'd been checking the racks at Petco but haven't seen those at the link. I'll look a little more carefully. I have bought one that has graduated sizes inside but hate how they take up extra room and are awkward to remove from the small cans. Thanks for the help.

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Check the grocery store too. One of those doo dad displays throughout the aisles.

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