Sink/faucet in standard 24 inch counter? Latest panic attack...

williamsemFebruary 15, 2013

Who has a large sink and pull down faucet in a standard 24 inch counter run?

I've been looking at faucets. I want to use a silgranite performa medium 1+3/4 low divide, which is 19 inches total front to back. (Good lord I feel like Ralphie with his Red Rider BB gun spiel saying that!)

The faucet I'm looking at needs a 2 inch hole (Simplice). The sink does not have a deck, so that brings the total to 19 sink plus 2 faucet = 21 inches, so only 5 inches left to split in front of the sink, between the sink and faucet, and between the faucet and wall.

Is that enough room? I have no idea how thin the granite strip at the front can be, or if that is just not at all realistic. I'd rather figure out if things will fit now, while I still ave time to explore other options if needed.

I know there are plenty of people here with the silgranite low divide, and also plenty with pull down faucets and standard counters. What are your measurements? I hope this new fear is unfounded!

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That's the sink I'm planning, and the faucet is on my short list, so I'll be awaiting the responses. (Williamsem, how about you just figure out the rest of my kitchen for me since it sounds like we're on a similar wavelength?)

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Ha! That was me and A2gemini when I started posting :-). I think I'm heading in some different directions now, but I think if my Cambria quote hadn't been outrageous her kitchen would have a sister.

My project is in May, but I've been reading, then posting, for about a year now prepping. What else are you looking at? I already did appliances :-)

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I had my cabinet bumped out about four inches. It gave me extra space between the faucet and wall.

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Unless I am missing something here, you are undermounting, correct? So the largest outside depth of the sink doesn't really matter it is the largest inside depth. I have attached a picture of my super single in 24" depth cabinets. I do have pictures with the faucet but this was the best one that showed the stone left on each side. My super single is 1" less deep than yours so you have to look at my picture and decide if you are comfortable where you would take that 1" off the stone. I was very careful when I chose my faucet so the lever was on the side not the rear so I would have any issue with my hand and the wall and it works perfectly for me. Let me know if you want to see another picture with the faucet installed.

I think you can make it work although I am not familiar with your faucet.

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We built our sink cabinet run 27" out from the wall and I thought I had loads of space. I didn't. I used a silgranit diamond sink which is 20 13/16" deep and it was very tight. The main reason for that is that I used a granite back splash, the same material as the counter, and the granite was 3 cm thick (1 1/2 "?). The fabricators set the front edge of the sink as close as they could to the edge, I think that was 3 1/2". Then we took the drywall from the back wall out to gain an additional 1/2" for the back splash. My faucet fits with just enough room to get my hand in behind and just enough granite in front to be safe. My recommendation is to add extra space if you can. This was a real nail biter for me, though it worked out in the end. Also, to prevent fracturing, my fabricators embedded fiberglass rods in the narrow strip of granite at the front of the sink. These are not visible but they add stability in case someone was to lean heavily on the granite at that point. It will greatly depend on your counter material - is it one that is likely to fracture? What are you planning for the back splash?
I am on holiday at the moment, but if you want, I'll send photos at the end of February, on my return.

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I can't measure, or post a photo right now since I am in the car but I have the same sink, 24 inch cabinets, minimal counter overhang, and similar dimension faucet, the Elkay gourmet. It fits just fine.
P.S. I had same anxiety attack!
P.P.S. I am not the driver.

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Williamsem, to answer your question, we are building a whole house, so I bounce around from obsessing about kitchen selections to obsessing about bathroom fixtures. I can be a different flavor of crazy every day of the week! You'll be done and cooking while I'm in the final throes. (And A2gemini's is another kitchen I "stalked" all the way through!) for counters, at the moment we've settled on quartz, bit before that, we were stuck on Richlite. I'm thinking your faucet question will be relevant to the quartz setting as well, although it should be less likely to fracture. At least it's less variable than stone.

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Yes please to those offering to post additional pictures when you have the time. I'm following along for the same reason, williamsem. Thanks.

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This is a picture with my faucet (although you can't see the whole faucet!) but it is a simple arc pull down.

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Have you asked your fabricator about it? I'm willing to bet they've worked with your faucet before and with your sink.

Here's my super single (horrible representation of the actual color of the sink) before my faucet install. Run is 24" deep.

My faucet is a Hansgrohe Talis S pulldown.

My sink interior measures 171/4" front to back. The counter behind my sink measures 4 7/8". The counter in front measures 3 3/4". So, my sink is less deep front to back than yours. (Your sink specs list the interior as 18.5" by the way. Not 19".)

I still had a slight hiccup even with my less deep sink. There wasn't room to install my faucet with the control lever to the side as in a normal install. I had to place it in the front hanging over the sink. Turns out this was a great hiccup as I love having the lever over the sink.

I do worry about your sink with how deep it is. I'm not sure with my standard counter if I could have installed your sink. Any chance you could change to a simpler lined, rectangular sink?

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Wait.....where exactly will you place the faucet? Not behind the largest section of sink, right? Will you put it in the middle, just to the right of where the asymmetrical part starts? (I could never figure out where you're supposed to place faucets on oddly shaped sinks like that.) You might have a better chance that way.

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The sink is rectangular in shape, with low divide off center (large side and small side). I'm getting same sink, so now you have me worrying! They could bump out the cabinets, but then I would need some sort of finishing for the back corner of the peninsula. I will make my GC figure it out! :)

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Oops! Thanks to Cathy, I realize I was thinking of the wrong sink (darn you, google). Never mind the measurements I gave for your sink or my comments about the faucet placement off center.

Your sink specs are linked below. The sink's interior measurement front to back is only 17.5". That's almost exactly the same as my sink, if you look at my first post above. Mine is only 1/4" less deep. I think you will be just fine placing your sink in a standard counter! You still might need to rotate the lever in front like I did. I personally prefer that placement anyway. And it's a good thing the Simplice is the type of faucet that *can* be installed that way. Not all pulldowns are capable of doing that.

Take a breath! On to the next issue!

Here is a link that might be useful: Sink specs listing interior measurements

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I have the Performa Medium 1-3/4 sink. My sink is in my island but I just did some measurements. From the front edge of my counter to the back of my LadyLux3 faucet is 23-3/4 inches. The strip of granite in front of my sink is
3-1/2 inches wide. The sink interior depth is actually 17-1/2 inches according to my measurements and the website specs below. There is a 3/4 inch strip of granite in front of my faucet base. The base of my faucet has a diameter of 2-/12 inch. So all of that is to say that it fits a depth of 24 inches.
It looks like your faucet has a 2 inch diameter base. You need to find out If you need clearance for your faucet handle so it would not hit the wall behind the sink (or turn it to the front as other have done). And you need to find out from your fabricator the minimum width needed for your granite in front of the sink.

Don't forget that your 24 inch cabinet will have about a 25-1/2 inch countertop on it. Everything should fit.

I would think that Blanco would note on the website if the sink needed an extra deep cabinet just as they post the required width of the cabinet for the sink

p.s. I placed my faucet in line with the divider in the sink. The air switch is about 10 inches from the faucet.

Here is a link that might be useful: Specs for sink

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