new kids on the block make my heart happy

summerwineApril 1, 2009

some time ago dude and i decided when our lives are settled that one day we'd have some critters, he wants a pig and i'd like a couple pygmy goats and some chickens...well, i no longer have to wait for the goats heeheehee

my sister has a friend who raises pygmies (altho his herd just keeps growin' as he rarely if ever lets go of any offspring)...last evening this friend brings over a male pygmy goat sister selected (last year he wouldn't part with the one she liked) ANYhoo, while sister and dad made a new gate for the enclosure (some horse destroyed the first one) my niece brought the kid inside and i took some pics...then they put him in his new home and left to get his female companion in the next town over and he cried alot because it's the first time he's ever been alone, but when they brought the girlie home he promptly shutup and the two of them hopped happily about and are still at this moment sleeping all curled up in their new (old) dog house (i haven't any pics of her yet)

sister and my niece are infamous for changing the names of critters as often as they change clothes so i'm hopin' they'll change "gustavo and isabella rossellini" to something more goat appropriate, like will and grace lolol

mama rosie checks out gustavo




missed some good shots because i didn't want to use the flash everytime and scare the poor thing...but i needn't have worried, he actually started posing!


lianne :o)

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Just precious, Lianne, I'd like to cudddle it.

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penny_sav sweet!
I love baby animals!

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Oh my gosh, soooooo cute!

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Wow, what cute pictures!!

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Oh how cute!!....lovely pictures!


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