Sun creeping up from beneath a cloud cover

rcnaylorApril 12, 2009

Well, just before the rain set in the morning rays crept in from underneath the cloud cover

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Very nice, RC! I hope you got some rain to help put an end to those wildfires.


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Thanks Kt. And, we did. Not a lot by most standards, about .7, but, very appreciated around here.

It looked like they got a good rain in North Texas and central OK that was having the worst of the last round of wildfires.

"Normal rainfall" rates would seem like a flood with what we've been getting around here the last several years.

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Same here. It's rare to get over an inch at a time these days...

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You certainly get some fabulous images of that body of water. Beautiful.

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very nice pic, theme of the pic "fire and water"

Here is a link that might be useful: Photo Retouching

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