What has happened?

gmom74April 6, 2009

No new pictures have been posted in a long time. Where is everyone? And the red xs are everywhere. I hope it is iVillage and not my computer.

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And the red xs are everywhere

Go to Tools, click Internet Options, then click the Advanced tab. Make sure the Show Pictures check box is selected under Multimedia, and click OK.

See if that helps.

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Thanks,kurmudgeon. The 'show pictures' is checked. I turned my computer off last night and left it off in hopes that things would be back to normal this morning. I'm looking forward to seeing new pictures from people. Perhaps everyone is busy with other things.

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We have had computer problems the last few days, went to an infected website that infected our computer, we could not get to any other websites after that.

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The red xs are gone today and the pictures are back. I'm glad to see the forum is back to normal. Or maybe it's my computer is back to normal.

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The forum was crazy for a couple of days, garden web was having problems.

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