How do you print sharp pictures?

barb5April 11, 2011

I have a Canon EOS 450D SLR camera. I have been shooting pics in jpeg. But I am unable to print a decent picture even tho the camera is advertised as having good resolution (reviews said "the cameras image quality is top notch.)

So how come the printed pictures are so blurry? I have a Canon printer that is advertised as being able to print photos.

About a year ago, I submitted a picture by email for publication. I was told that the resolution was too low. I tried to find out how to increase the resolution but only found that the Mac transmitted pics in what I guess is a low dpi, but couldn't find out how to increase it. So I gave up on it.

I am taking decent pics (have taken several classes on photo composition and lighting etc) at least that I like, but I can't print out a decent print.

I would like to send a relative some 5 x 7 prints as a thank you for hosting me on a wonderful vacation, and the pics are so blurry.

I am so frustrated. I have spent hours on trying to figure this out, I am longing for the days I just popped a roll of film in the mail and got back sharp images!

If anyone can help me I would really appreciate it.

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Barb, are you printing the full file, or a resized version? Images sized for emailing are not designed for printing. But it should be possible to transmit images at the correct resolution.

I'm not knowledgeable about Macs, nor an expert on printers, so perhaps someone else will jump in here. But one thing you could do is take your camera card to a photo kiosk, such as the better quality Kodak machine at Walmart, and print out your 5x7's directly from the card. Or, if you want to do some post-processing first, save the edited images to a flash drive and bring that instead.

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Do you have any photos uploaded on a web hosting site that we could take a look at?

If you're on a mac, do you upload them to iPhoto? When you view them in iPhoto do they appear sharp?

If you open a photo in iPhoto, on the top menu bar click on "Photos" then "Show Photo Info". For a typical clear photo, what is the height, width, and file size? How about for one that looks blurry?

When emailing a photo, macs will often automatically resize the file to a lower sized version. You can override or control that resizing with a drop down menu in the lower right corner of the email. The selections in the menu are "Actual Size", "Large", "Medium", "Small".

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I finally got the photos printed. I was getting bad prints when I printed directly from iphoto (the pics look sharp in the monitor when viewed in iphoto but print fuzzy). The only resizing I did was to try to get a 5 x 7, but I wasn't able to- got a almost 4 x 7.

The printer has a Easy photo print program that cannot access photos on iphoto. So I exported the photos I wanted into a file called Pictures that the EAasy print program could access. Then I was able to request a 5 x 7, and the print was much clearer.

I don't know what happens when I exported the photo, but it seems that printing directly from iphoto gives me very poor pictures.

I did upload pics to Target for them to print, and did it directly from iphoto. I haven't received them even tho it has been a week. I wonder if Target is getting very poor picture quality from the iphoto program too.

I didn't know about Show photo info. What file size do I want to get a clear print?

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I checked the info on the photo. Width is 4,272 pixels. Height is 2,848 pixels. Size is 7.1 MB.

I don't know what to do with this information.

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