Dog has REALLY bad gas, what to do?

rosegarden3February 22, 2008

I have a female GR about 10 months old. She has had gas since I got her when she was about 4 months old. But it just keeps getting worse. Now she is passing gas about every 10 or 15 min., and the smell is worse too. This is getting really bad! She is stinking us out! I talked to the vet and she said that it was probably the food she was eating. I posted on here about dog food and got great answers. I started her on Iams when we got her. I then changed her to Candiae, still had gas, after 2 40lbs bags. So I then changed her to Wellness, 2 40lbs bags later still has gas. the same with Chicken soup for the large breed puppies soul. So I asked the vet again and she said that the food might be to rich for her and that I should try a *gulp* cheaper food, so she is now on Nutro natural choice for large breed, and it just keeps getting worse. And the cheaper food thing I'm not sure I understand that. Do I need a new vet?

I'm thinking maybe it is what ever meat that is in the dog food like "beef" or "lamb" or "chicken".

before winter hit I had a problem with her eating grass and chewing on sticks, so I thought this might be the problem, but she no longer does this!

BTW I do not feed her ANY people food!

Please Help! any suggestions?

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What a great dog mom you are!

It's not a matter of people food or not people food. It's a matter of *which* food. Something just isn't agreeing with her.

Your vet is right. The food is definitely the culprit. My question is which ingredients do all these foods you have tried have in common? Make a list of those ingredients because one of them is to blame. See if you can find a food with none of them, or with fewer of them. You'll just have to keep experimenting by process of elimination. You might look for a food with very few ingredients. California Natural comes to mind.

Another way would be to try home cooking for her for a couple of weeks and see if the situation improves. If it doesn't, try switching ingredients. You can start off with just a few ingredients, say beef, brown rice and one or two veggies. If she's still gassy, try chicken instead, or turkey. If she's still gassy it's likely not the meat, so try different veggies one at a time. If she's still gassy, try oatmeal instead of brown rice. Keep trying things and you'll figure it out.

Once you get her gas-free, you can add ingredients back into her food to learn what it is that she can't tolerate.

It's not fun, but you're a good gal and I know you'll be successful if you take notes and keep looking for the answers. Whatever it is that's causing her gas is doing more bad to her than just the gas. It's very likely tying up her immune system. She needs to be off it.

I follow the blood type food lists faithfully and have for years. When I goof up and eat something I'm not supposed to have I get gassy. When I'm being good, no gas ever. So I know.

Hope this helps.

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Consider feeding her a raw diet or a home cooked diet. Either way, remove all grains from her diet. She doesn't need them. I had a dog that could clear a room with her gas. I switched to a raw diet and no more gas.

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Has she ever been tested for worms? Giarrdia, in particular, creates gas. Maybe she should get a good worming?

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

I agree with elly. When did the Vet last check the dog? If the Vet knows about the constant problem, and has not told you to bring her in, I would switch to a good Vet. I think the Vet should check for many things, then direct you in your search.

If every food you have tried has chicken, then it isn't the food, but the chicken (rice, wheat, etc.) YOu said that I see. After searching for worms, doing a throrough blood test, then you might want a skin test for allergies. That or take the dog to an appropriate allergist.

Have you had many dogs? If you are feeding the dog twice a day, does the dog appear hungry after eating? Do you encourage her to eat? Does she appear to be growing enough for the amount of food she wants? When did your Vet last see the dog in person? Are you really talking to the doctor or a tech through the doctor? I would switch to another vet.

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go get some beano...

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It may not be the meat source but the carbohydrate source of the food. Some dogs can't tolerate rice or any other grain which are very common in most foods. You may have better luck with Natural Balance Fish and Potato or one of their other diets. They are available at most pet stores.

My Aleksander could not tolerate beef, and I totally understand where you are coming from. The one and only time we fed him a beef-based diet, my poor husband had a dream about water buffalo wallowing in mud. He woke up and the stench from the dream was real!

Good luck finding a food for your dog. It can be frustrating.

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One thing about the food, Lilly has had gas no matter what I have feed her, but when she was on the Candiae it was no where near as bad as any of the other foods.

sammy - I have not had many dogs. I now have Lilly - Golden Ret 10 mo., Lucy - Newfoundland 7 mo. I briefly had a Great Pyrenees that was 2 years old but she became increasingly aggressive with other dogs, so I found a great home for her with no other dogs(I did tell them about her problem). then I had a Golden Ret. Claire she was 9 and died 4 years ago - hit by a car.

I do feed twice a day, and sometimes she will eat everything, sometimes she does not. She does seem to be growing enough. My vet has not seen her since she was about 6 months old for her rabies shot. At this time she was not to concerned and thought I should just change her food. then when nothing seem to work I called and I did talk to a Tec. not the Doctor. She also seen her shortly after we got her for her shots and a checkup at that time she did have worms and gave me meds for that then I think it was 3 or 4 weeks later I just brought a stool sample in for recheck and she was clear. So I will set up another appointment and have her rechecked for worms she could have been reinvested. She is low on food now so I am going to try the Candiae again I think they have a different formula I will try, and slowly mix it with the Nutro. I think I will give the vet another try, this is the same vet I had used for many years with Claire and was very happy with her, so maybe if I stress the Gas problem this time she will give it more thought.

Thanks for all the replies and if anyone has any more ideas please let me know.

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This sounds like flatulence which can be associated with underlying problems such as food allergies or digestive absorption problems. Below is a very good link that explains many of the things that could be causing this problem and based on other symptoms things you can try and or test for.

Here is a link that might be useful: flatulence in dogs

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Before you panic and switch foods yet again, try a spoonful of plain organic yogurt on the kibble. Note, it must be organic with acidophilus NOT the fake fruit mix type. This works with my 3 greyhounds who have notoriously sensitive tummies and one of them used to have gas that would peel the paint off walls!

If the yoghurt does not work, I agree with the parasite and possible allergic reactions mentioned above. Post another vet-check to rule out parasites, raw or home cooking would be other options. Sadly, not all vets are keen on raw feeding.

Good luck!

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You might try switching to one of the limited ingredients diets -- Wellness makes a Simple Solutions diet -- I use the duck and brown rice, but they also make a venison one. My dog that I feed the duck diet to has Inflammatory Bowel Disease, and if he gets any other animal proteins (including eggs, cheese, etc) he will get bloody diarrhea (took about $3,000 to figure out that this was an immune system problem bot just a food allergy). He has never had any real gas problems though. He has no problems at all eating things like raw carrots, apples, etc., which I give him as treats since he can't have regular dog biscuits, etc. He loves the carrots and they seem to be easy to digest for him, the only after effects are a nice big poop! :-) I believe that dogs do need some vegetables in their diet since one of the first things wild canids eat of their prey is the stomach and its contents, which is mostly vegetative. Sorry for the gross image. My gassy dog does better when I add some probiotic paste to her diet. The unsweetend live culture yogurt would probably help, unless she is lactose intolerant or dairy sensitive.

Hope some of all our collective suggestions help. I understand your pain -- when I bring my gassy dog to work with me I can still smell her when we get back in the car 10 hours later to go home!!! Needless to say, I will probably smell that particular odor for the life of the car....

Hyden (who sleeps with 5 dogs with their own individual scents on the bed!)Thanks goodness for HEPA filters.

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I will add another vote for trying a raw diet. One of my dogs is a greyhound who had really bad gas when we first got him, it turns out that it's pretty common in the breed. Really, we would sit on the other side of the room, or we would suffocate. ;)

We switched both dogs to a raw diet and it has really been a godsend. That's why I keep suggesting it, because it has helped with so many issues, some that I didn't even think it would help with. He very rarely has gas now, and it's barely noticeable. Also, his sensitive stomach is doing really well - he actually has solid stools now! I can't say enough good stuff about it.

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I'm not a dog owner, but have a cat who was having some intestinal issues that anti-biotics did not seem to address. I don't know how much it helped (sometimes these things resolve spontaneously), but I put her on a soil based pro-biotic (do a Google search if you are interested...I don't know what the rules are here about posting commercial websites). I also am giving her slipperey elm as a daily supplement(its a natural anti inflammatory), as well as a bit of raw pumpkin added to her food. Together with a high quality diet, this regimen has done wonders.

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our choc lab used to have REAL bad gas. we swapped from Pedigree to Iams to Science Diet to a vet supplied food and none worked. one day my wife's uncle who runs a rescue service gave us a few bags of Alpo. NO MORE GAS. get a small bag of off brand food and try it for a couple weeks. it won't hurt and may help.

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I agree with the poster who said to try California Natural dog food. It has few ingredients and is specially formulated for dogs with food sensitivities.

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I'd fed a raw diet, I have a Somali( a longhair ABY on raw and he's GREAT!) Go to

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You might consider not switching foods so frequently. I know you are trying to solve the problem but because we suspected food allergies I switched my dog (German Shepherd) to Innova (no grain) EVO which is very high quality and she had gas for over a month but it finally subsided.

Though it is possible that the gas subsided finally because I added pupmkin (from the can, 100% pumpkin, NOT pumpkin pie mix)- about 1/3 cup per meal. Pumpkin is touted to be good for intestinal absorption which German Shepherds are notorious about having problems with.

Anyway, take it easy and make your best shot at the dog food and then stay with whatever you choose for at least 2 months IMO.

Good luck. Keep us posted.

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Is it possible that you're over feeding? When we first got our dog we fed him what seemed to be a reasonable amount of food and he was as gassy as could be. Then we actually read the serving size on the bag and realized we were feeding him TWICE the amount he was supposed to get. Cut down the quantity, no more gas.

Good luck!

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What about treats? Do you give her rawhide chews? They're a known gas culprit among other things.

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rosegarden3, small but valid question...

Did your vet ask you? Are you giving your dog rawhide bones?

Dogs have tons of gas if they get rawhide and rawhide farts will clear a room in seconds.

If your vet didn't know enough to ask that, find a new vet.

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If she checks out ok at the vet, I would suspect the grain in her food is causing it. You could try a grain-free diet like Taste of the Wild, Wellness Core, or Orijen, which are all good quality foods. Also, the plain yogurt helps a lot. My dogs get some every morning.

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We have a male dog and he has been having really bad gas. It just keeps getting worse. It happens about every 10 mins. What to do

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It is worth considering a biopsy if nothing is helping, the dog might have IBS or another problem in her bowels. Is she sometimes sick? This happens with dogs, sometimes. It can be tricky to cure effectively as symptoms are thought to be psychological, or an overreaction to infection. Are the dogs stools, runny or with mucus or blood?

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