How about an assignment everyone? Small piece of nature...

juanitalApril 15, 2007

Just something to do...sometimes you just don't know what you see in a picture as a whole...but if you find the smaller things...there's a whole new scene...lets see what you can find...

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"Small piece of nature.."

The chick belongs to my Grand Nephew whom I adopted.
He was given an egg which he practically slept with. It surprised everyone when it hatched. He has cared for it very well.
I think it is funny when it is fed and it starts scratching like big chicken's do when eating.

have not gotten out much lately due to all of the rain we have had

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Very nice pictures!!!!

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I've noticed that too. I used to take my pictures with the resolution set at email size, and then I learned to use the highest setting, and it's AMAZING what comes from the details in those pictures when you crop a small area! I can't wait to get on my own computer and share!!

I'm just loving everyone's photos!

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That's a great shot! Looks like its all snuggled in. Frogs have such cool toes.


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Wow! I'm going to have to work on taking pictures at higher resolutions. Fantastic photos!


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That little chick is adorable and froggy is so cute!
What resolution are you using Lellie?...Sometimes when I use supermacors or night scene mode, too..they tend to get grainy...maybe that'll make a difference?

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