Why does my dog's jaw do this ?

toomuchglassFebruary 5, 2007

I used to have a male dog - when he licked himself - his jaw "chattered" --- that's the best way I can explain it. Today - I wiped an eye booger out of my rottie's eye - she licked it and her jaw started quivering -- doing the same kind of "chattering" . What's happening ?

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When my dogs chatter it's an expression of happiness. Old Monty chatters on the Richter scale, I really should record it. You can hear him in the next room when he gets happy excited! I equate it to a kitty's purr. Not all breeds/dogs do this. It's very common with my breed.

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I am not sure about it always being happiness. My older dog chatters while I am making his dinner (definitely happiness).

But, he also does it when he is agitated or nervous. Like for example, when I am cleaning out his ears, or when we are sitting in the vet's waiting room. And those are times I can bet you real money he is not happy. :)

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I rescued a dog in the winter a few years ago.

She was so skinny, she literally looked like a walking skeleton.

Her teeth chattered because she was cold. After she put on some weight, it stopped.


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I know exactly what you are talking about. I've always thought that it was intense excitement - like perhaps sexual excitement. He's tasting himself and it's an intense reaction to these special odors and tastes.

Something like the flehmen response in horses and cats where they curl their upper lip when they smell something exciting - like the odors that come with the mating behaviors.


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Thanks for that reply ! I've always wondered about that . The chattering seems uncontrolable and automatic. I'm glad I asked - I knew that someone here would know !

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Has anyone taken their dog to a VET to get this checked out? I'm really worried and afraid it might be a bacterial/viral infection or something effecting the nervous system. Please let me know what the VET said.

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My dogs never chattered.

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Some dogs chatter, and some don't.

In my opinion ... chattering by a dog is no different than when the cat would sit by the window and chatter while watching the birds at the feeder ... it's a form of excitement.

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