Digital cameras, cars and summer

rcnaylorApril 20, 2008

I like to keep what I'd call a mid-level digital camera in my car. Its a convenience factor and for the occasional lookie-there pic I wouldn't otherwise get The camera is a year old Fuji that cost about $250 new.

Obviously keeping a camera in a car in the summer isn't the best thing to do to it.

But, how bad is it? It uses standard batteries, so, I don't mind having to replace them a little more often. And, I will see and use it often enough that if they leak, I'll know quickly. It won't be in the direct sunshine, but, obvioulsly, cars in Texas in the summer will get hot fairly regularly.

So, is the heat a big no-no, or just a little no-no digital camera wise?

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I would never...ever....EVER....keep my SLR in the car. i even carry my backpack in the store with me if its hot out.

On the other side of that, I used to keep my sony dsc-w80 in the car year round without any ill effects. I usually kept it in a case, up under the seat, and left a small crack in the window to vent the hot air. It was hardly ever hot when I went to use it.

I would keep it down low though, since hot air rises.

**This reply is for educational puroposes only. Any use of the advice herein is at the risk of the camera's owner** LOL:)


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Excellent experience to hear about Andy. I was hoping someone else had experience leaving digital cameras in the car.

In other words, don't treat a camera like that except one you could stand losing. Sounds about right.

If it is pretty certain death, I wouldn't do it. But, with pretty decent chances of "survival" I think I'll give it a try. I really like having my camera handy for convenience and for shots that pop up unexpectedly.

Thanks again.

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I wouldn't recommend leaving certain types of cameras in the heat because the shutter will end up melting along with a bunch of other key components inside the camera!! When ever im looking for certain product I go to this site that offers video opinions... I will attach the link to this post and I would suggest searching "cameras that are ok in the heat" or something like that! Let me know if this helps and if not ill try to come up with something else!

Here is a link that might be useful: Video Opinions!

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Yeh, if it was certain to hurt it i wouldnt, but the times that i have had it handy to capture a fleeting moment is a small tradeoff if the camera eventually fails due to the heat.

Something I didnt ask, and is probably mostly irrelevant, but how hot are your summers? i live in alabama, so we get HOT HOT HOT here....and she still fires like a new one! :)


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