My new Spice Rack ! Hooray!

soozFebruary 12, 2013

After days of planning, going to Home Depot, and measuring twice and three times (sometimes four!) and sawing and priming and painting, my spice rack is done!

Thank you all who gave such good and helpful input when I posted recently.

I'm still in the process of organizing things...alphabetical, or by cuisine, or just lump the larger-size stuff where it fits.

I love my new spice rack!

We were going to put doors on it but for now, I like it just as it is!


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My parents have one like yours and they don't have any doors on it. I like seeing all the spices. :-)

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That's great and I love it as is! Can I borrow some chipolte please? :>)

Do you have it hanging on a wall or cabinet door? What's the spice bottle "guard rail" made of, a wooden dowel? Please tell me the size of the rack and how to make it!

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You made that? Looks great! Very functional and well made.

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Very nicely done. You will enjoy it.
Thank you for sharing.

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Thanks for all the kind words! it's located on one of the walls in the "laundry area" (it's not a laundry room at all!)--the only place I had "open" for something like this!

Islands, we just measured the space where I wanted it, to hang above the light switches (not pictured), and to go up as high as I wanted to reach, and then DH cut the wood (maple) to size over at Home Depot, and we got home and he assembled the frame.

We then measured for the shelves and went back to Home Depot, and the wood we found was already painted so that saved me some time but DH still had to cut it to size (with me measuring 3 or 4 times before he cut), and DH used a ledger for affixing it to the wall with molly-bolts because we couldn't find a stud and George Clooney was out of town.

Those are indeed dowels! We used a big drill bit to make a-bit-smaller-than quarter inch "holes" so I measured the dowel against the frame, eyeballing the holes (thank goodness for being able to sew and measure rather accurately by eye) and cut to fit inside the holes, put wood glue inside the drilled-out holes, dipped each end of the dowels in the glue, and stuck them in! The dowels did have some *give* to them, which made it even easier!

Hooray! I keep going over to admire it!

Thanks again!

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Looks great! I'd like to order two please :)

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Thanks for the details Sooz!

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Great job! It's really nice. I'd leave it open, I think.

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Looks great! Wish I had room.

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Looks great. I'd be proud, too. High function is what I like as well as good looks.

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