Dinovite - help or hype?

jmzmsFebruary 12, 2008

Just started hearing about it on the radio and was wondering if anyone has used it, and what the results were?


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I have not used it, but there are a few human studies to suggest that probiotics improve health. However if you start with a cold-processed diet such as wysong or embark then you won't need supplemental probiotics. Or you could feed a raw diet. Most commercial pet foods are manufactured in such a way that they destroy the beneficial organisms and other substances, then they add some of them back in (vitamins, minerals, etc). Most pet foods are the equivalent of a person eating white bread, beef jerky, and popping a vitamin/mineral supplement. A person on this type of diet isn't likely to die directly of malnutrition, but obviously that isn't an optimally healthy diet. Same with dogs (also omnivores). If you feed them most commercial diets, you exclude the benefits of whole foods, which time and time again are shown to have much greater nutritional value than processed foods (in human research).

When you think about it, how much research has gone into trying to figure out the most healthy human diet? Billions of dollars are spent every year, and we still don't have an answer. The best we can come up with is to eat whole foods, fresh fruits and veggies, whole grains, etc. Who does research on pet nutrition? Pet food manufacturers. Do you think they ever compare their product to a natural whole food diet? Of course not- they want you to buy their product! Nobody has done a study comparing whole food (raw or otherwise) to a normal/traditionally processed pet food. Personally, I think the whole foods would end up being closer to optimal. Pet foods are adequate, but who wants simply adequate for their pets? We want optimal nutrition, and I don't think most pets foods provide that.

That said, adding a probiotic like dinovite isn't a bad idea if using the cold-processed, home cooked, or raw diet isn't an option.

All this is IMHO of course. Sorry for the lecture....

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I have used the product for 2 years with my dogs and really like it. It keeps the shedding to a minimum...actually shedding is non existent most of the year. I use the Dinovite Canine and Lickochops together. The ingredients listed each have a benefit. In fact, a lot of the things I take myself, in the human form of course!

I just tried the shampoo-the peppermint-and it has done wonders as a natural flea repellent. I don't like to use the chemicals.

I would recommend it. There's a few different dry products and liquid products but there's a cool thing on the website that helps you pick the right products.

I agree with the poster above that eating whole foods is best for humans and dogs but some people don't have the money or the time and would like the convenience of a pet food. A good alternative is to pick a good food and add good supplements. The Dinovite ones work well for us and I have been a happy customer for about 2 years.

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My girl's issues? Itching, Scratching, Licking, Biting, Sneezing, Runny nose, Hot Spots...oh...just the norm. Does she have fleas? No. Upper Resp Infection? Vet confirmed no. What did I do? Went through months of food trials and trials on everything that I was currently doing. I stopped cold turkey and started fresh. Conclusion? Dog cannot have Dry Kibble, Canned Food, Heartguard or Dog Treats. What do I do? I feed Natures Variety Raw (began with Rabbit first and saw a major difference within the first week) Ultra Oil for Omegas 3-6-9 (look it up if you think I made up 3-6-9. She Cannot have Lick-O-Chops or Fish Oil from Dinovite - causes her to itch) Vegetables for filler and 5 tablespoons of Dinovite per day. My girl is symptom free and enjoying her life instead of being pumped with medication and looking oh so very sad. No more crying for me!! And much needed sleep for the both of us. To sum up...do your food trial (watch your baby...if the symptoms increase that is not the food to go with...if the symptoms began to decrease...continue the trial...if the symptoms never stop...that is not the food for you) Always check the ingredients for meat(s) as the first ingredient because a meat based diet seems to be the best. And leave the junk foods alone. Most importantly, try Dinovite as a supplement. I have no regrets here. How do I know that the product works and is helping my girl? I stopped use for a while to check and the symptoms came back and worse. How do I know that the raw food works? I went back to Kibble and Canned and the symptoms came back. I am sticking with my process on this one and will not be changing anytime soon. As a side note..people say dont bathe your dog too much because you will strip your dogs coat of essential oils. What they do not tell you is that using shampoos with essential oils will only help. I bathe my girl as much as I like and her coat and skin are both amazing. What do I do? I use Dr. Harvey's shampoo and the shampoos from Dinovite. Don't let the feel after the wash fool ya. Feel the differnce after the coat is dry. I do not work for any of the companies mentioned. I am just a person who has done a lot of research on the net and trial and error with my girl and have come up with the best practice to keep my girl healthy,clean and symptom free. If you want to talk shoot me a message. Kreshalp@yahoo.com

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A dog used to eating cooked food should not make a sudden change to raw, do so only under the guidance of a veterinarian. Even though raw meet is good for dogs they will get sick if the transition isn't done properly.

I don't know anyone personally who has given their dog Dinovite. Google the name, maybe google will pull up some reviews.

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I have used a number of dinovite products with good results. I feed raw most of the year but kibble when we have dogsitters. I have used both the liquid and the powder dinvoite but i don't know which i like better. Both work about the same. I used the shampoos too. Works great for skunk smell! And, I have used the flea repellent with great success this past summer. There's an easy return policy so I say go for it.

Here is a link that might be useful: dinovite

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My circle of friends often discusses providing healthy lifestyles for their pet dogs, not sure when it happened but the focus has turned from our children to our dogs. One friend actually paid a pet therapist to evaluate their dogâÂÂs level of happiness. Nevertheless IâÂÂm very familiar with the Dinovite dog supplement, a few years ago my 4 year old lab Sandy played regularly with another older lab Dexter. Dexter suffered from severe allergies and the steroid regimen caused him to gain weight and become so lethargic he lost interest in playing. A couple months later Dexter visited and I could not believe it was the same dog. Dexter no longer could take the steroids and out of desperation the Dinovite supplement was added to his diet, it cured his allergies and returned his physical energy. Today I believe all the dogs (12 in all) in our circle of dog lovers use Dinovite, or an even better supplement VitaHound. And these dogs are the healthiest, allergy free mutts, we now enjoy longer lifespans and no more harsh steroids.

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I have used Dinovite, VitaHound, and Missing Link. Missing Link is the least expensive and by no surprise the least effective. I know this may not be relevant to the analysis but I like to purchase via AMAZON and Dinovite is not available there, VitaHound is available on both VitaHound.com and Amazon. The only reason I mention availability is VitaHound emails great coupons to existing customers so I use their site when I have a discount code. Nevertheless I believe Dinovite and VitaHound are far superior dog supplements to anything else, it is a call on the company you want to purchase from.

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