DR Window Treatment Advice?

sas95March 21, 2013

I am trying to figure out what-- if anything-- to do with the windows in my dining room. As you can see, I have an entire wall of sliders/windows, as well as a smaller window on another wall. Does it make sense to put panels on the wall with the sliders as it would, even when drawn, obscure some of the glass? And if so, what do I do with the other window? Or am I better off with no window treatments at all? Privacy is not much of an issue. I'm more concerned with what would give me a better look.

Any advice is welcome!

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I think we often worry far too much about covering a little bit of a window or a sidelight opening with drapery.

Curtains will almost always cover some of the side of the glass, particularly when the builder or designer has slammed the opening up against an interior corner.

The point of drapery is only partly to close off the light or the ability to see into the house. You hang lovely things as part of furnishing a room with a cohesive scheme. So thinking only of the relationship to the window instead of the larger relationship to the room and the house makes the job much harder, and more likely to produce an unsatisfying result.

So in your case, I think you should curtain both windows in the same way, from the ceiling to the floor, with panels that are the same width, and generous enough to look good in the room, even though you don't need to close them for privacy.

The panels on the high window can hang out to the sides, covering only the side trim, while the others can cover part of the sidelights. In this way, you will equalize the visual width of the two windows, and add warmth and softeness to your pretty, simple dining room.

I would also recommend that you find another spot for the cabinet we see at the left of the photo, and add a long, shallow table to stand under the high window to ground it on that wall.

Paint the HVAC register to match the wall, and you will have a cohesive, balanced, welcoming place.

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Thank you, Bronwynsmom. Do you have any input for me regarding color direction for the drapes?

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I have the exact same wall of windows in my LR and use 5 panels because when they are pulled back there is one panel at each end and a panel at each "pillar". Seems more balanced that way since I do open mine in the daytime. I also have a similar size window to your other one at the other end of my LR and use matching panels to the floor. I always use either a loveseat or a sideboard under it.

Choosing colors for WT's depends on so many things. If you use lined panels which show white or off-white to the outside you can use anything as the main color depending on your chosen color scheme. I only see neutral tones so wonder if that is by choice or default. What colors are you using in the rest of your home?

I chose to use cream panels in my LR as need 14 panels for the many windows and didn't want the expense of lined custom treatments. So they show neutral to the outside and since much of my decor is mid-tone or darker colors it gives a lightness to the room.

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You have a nice neutral start and a balance of styles that make it feel both personal and coherent - from the photo, it seems that you have taupe, gold/yellow, and either burgundy or deep terra cotta in your scheme so far.

I'd consider a print for your curtains, to add some movement and roundness to the scheme. I'd choose something with a natural theme (birds or vines and flowers and leaves) to balance your scheme with a little green and/or some soft blue. I'd look for a fairly large scale, on a ground that's either creamy white or close to your wall color, since the panels will be stacked back, and a small print gets lost among curtain folds.

If you like traditional patterns, for instance, something like one of these classic Thibaut prints.

âÂÂCharlotte,â from the Barbados group:

âÂÂKingstonâ in green, from the Historic Homes Vol. VII group:

âÂÂAugustineâ in beige, from the Gatehouse group:

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Thank you both very much for your input! I appreciate it.

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I've got the same problem. The best I've come up with is something that doesn't block the register like valances, shades or blinds. I'd also like to see some more pattern but will probably chicken out and opt for white shears for my big window and.....? For the small. Sorry I'm no help. Are those big scarf treatments in again yet?

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If you say you don't need the privacy, I would skip the widow treatments. The room looks fine as it is.

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It is a beautiful and light filled room. My vote would be for panels on the sliders, but a roman shade for the side window.
I see where you might feel that window treatments would finish off the room.

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I have picked out a darker fabric for a valance that won't cover the window at all. It will go just 1 inch below the top trim on the window. Would that make the room look dark if the fabric is dark but not covering any of the windows.

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