Opinions please on breaking the 1/3 rules...

juanitalApril 9, 2008

I believe in them but sometimes its nice to just break it...I welcomes any feedback, too!

milkweed seeds....


Nikon D300

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Very nice pictures. Its one of those macro shots most folks walk by without ever "seeing" the promise of.

Rules are made to be broken. And, results count for more than form sometimes.

Variety is the spice of life! Yes?

And, like spice, its easy to add a little too much (which is often my downfall with color levels, yikes.) Ultimately a matter of personal taste on where to draw the line.

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The most important thing is if YOU like the picture! I LOVE that second one, good job on these.

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Anyone can learn the rules of photography. A photographer knows when to break them.


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Sometimes you have to forget about "rules" and concentrate on making great photos.

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The 1/3 rules are OK, but they can be a cliché if that is all you go by. The principles of photographic composition are essentially the same as the principles of artistic composition. The book by Greg Albert, the simple secret to better painting, subtitled "How to immediately improve your art with this one rule of composition", can be useful for photographers as well as for artists. I have several books on composition, but the "one rule" seems to be the most flexible approach for me. Your beautiful photos confirm that 1/3 rules are not the ultimate guide. Incidentally, you have excellent taste in cameras.


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juanital: Rules are guidelines only in my book. The use of diagonal lines gives IMPACT to almost any photo. I don't know if that's a rule but it holds quite true. Anyhow, a beautiful macro of a subject seldom seen from that perspective.

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