Finger lickin good!

Konrad___far_northApril 29, 2010


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Well, Konrad, you know I usually love your pics, but... those really stink!

PS I really hope you had a nice long telly zoom to get those. lol

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Wow, looks like you were laying on the ground next to him! Not what I was expecting to see, but they're terrific!

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Thank you all!
It's a home brew camera, turns on and makes pictures when motion is detected.
OK....tell you how it was done, I bought a cheap used Sony, P32...around 3 megapixel, this camera, after hacking, [soldering 3 wires into the camera] is set into a watertight case, [Pelican case] and hooked up to a motion sensor board. 3 openings have to be made into the case for lens, flash and sensor, then covered with glass.
It's basically the same thing like a commercial trail camera hunters use to track animals, picture quality is usually lacking with these cams. I'm now working on a P43...4.1 mega pix,...I had to start
small first to practice on,.. have ruined my first P32


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