Christopher and C.J.

zitro_joeApril 20, 2007

Took these this weekend.

Quick and dirty...Had a baby at an early age. Mom comes and goes as she pleases. I wish she would just go. Anywho,Graduating was delayed a year but Chris pulled through this year and is walking across the stage.

These are thumbnails, click to see slightly larger version.

Follow the link to see some more pics I took.

C&C welcome.

Thanks for looking,


Here is a link that might be useful: the pictures

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They are so nice, Joe. Looks like you're a young daddy, but you'll do well with the baby boy!! He's a cutie.

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Joe, I hope you have many long and wonderful years with your cute little boy.

Did you ever let him eat an ice cream cone while perched on your shoulders?

Great pics!


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I'm a little unclear, are you the parent or grandparent?

Very nice pics . Wish you / them a happy future.


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Sorry, if I was vague...

This is my younger brother and my nephew.



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Oh, it looks like we misunderstood, but either way, nice looking guys!

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