Homemade soup too salty....how to fix?

debo_2006November 6, 2008

I made a broth for French Onion Soup and it's very salty. Is there anything I can add to tame down the salty taste? It's for dinner tonight so I need a quick fix. Thanks.

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Cut up raw potato pieces in it, to absorb the salt.

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Add more water to it. If your soup needs to be thicken, add a small amount of cornstarch or flour to thicken the soup.

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I used the last potato last night for dinner. And, the soup is not suppose to be thick so adding a thickener isn't an option. I tried a little sugar and worked a bit via an Internet search.

Thanks for the suggestions.

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That's why I am very very careful about things like boullion cubes and stock bases.
I would slice up another onion or 2 and add more water and perhaps some sherry wine.
I've never been able to really get much difference by adding potato slices....but it must do something because when I remove the potato, it's slightly salty.
My sloution to too salty, too sour, too sweet, too hot etc...is to make more without any more seasonings.
Linda C

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Add more water and some sherry.

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Adding potatoes to a too salty soup or sauce will not make it less salty. That is an old wives tale. Once the salt has dissolved it can't be removed. A potato, or a carrot or a piece of turnip etc. will taste salty because it absorbed some of the salty liquid. But the remaining liquid will still be just as salty. The only way to reduce the salt is to add more liquid to dilute it. Depending on how salty your soup is, just increase the recipe 25% to 50% omitting extra salt.


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I just made Chicken soup with to much base. I had a baguette that was getting hard so I broke it in 1/2 and let one 1/2 soak for a few minutes in the soup. It did make a difference after adding water as well.

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I usually float about three slices of soft white or wheat bread on top til they start getting saturated. Then scoop them out and give it a taste. I've had pretty good luck with it.

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Just did the same myself so I added more water and it fixed it right up.

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